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Reiza Montreal Historic - how realistic are the last 2 chicanes ?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jan Mikuž, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. They are not representative of the real thing, are they ? :O_o:

    - 1st one is blind, you only see the apex after you turn in. At 290km/h a blind turn like that ? No way.

    - The WOC is too fast and too dangerous. No way they were driving at 260km/h through there like i can ? One scrub of the curb and you're dead.

    Am i right ?
  2. Forgot to say I was testing in the FClassic.

  3. Look this, f1 really WAS a very dangerous sport :) (good comments hehe)
    reiza's track is identical
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  4. Thx for the video, Guilherme. :thumbsup: So it seems it is very close to the real thing after all. :)
    The 1st chicane is almost identical, wow. But the WOC looks a bit more straight and Boutsen seems to have more room/time between entry-apex and exit-apex. Wonder what the speed is...
    The curb on the entry also seems to be flatter and doesn't upset the car as much as it does in the game. But, yeah, they do seem pretty accurate in terms of design.
  5. They're always changing curbs at tracks, one year this way, another year another way, every driver's meeting a complaint I'm sure.

    I did have the same thoughts though, about the final chicane being wrong, but this video obviously shows its not and I've yet to see an example of Reiza getting anything that wrong in their tracks.
  6. I didnt remember Senna's italian was so perfect...
    One of the best drivers ever
  7. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

    We revised it about a hundred times, so I'd hope it's close at least :D
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  8. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Only a hundred? :D

    That last sector is one of the main reasons we wanted to do this version of the track to begin with. Yes, it´s daunting and meant to be :)

    Now imagine the balls from Senna & Alesi doing this in the 1st lap with full fuel tanks (even if by 1993 the final chicane had already been tamed):
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  9. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

    Yeah a hundred, at least.
  10. What can we say about the great senna....he was and always will be the best!...and montreal1988 is a very nice track too..one of the best in gsc.:thumbsup:
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  11. Montreal '88 is evidence that chicanes don't have to be boring.
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  12. The F Classics and Historic Montreal "Should" be and absolute Match together. Probably my favorite GSCE Track. Unfortunately as mentioned many times by myself and others, there is an unmistakeable problem that NEEDS attention. The A.I 's abrupt/harsh throttle application is still present and noticable at Both versions of Montreal. Can you confirm that this bug/issue is being addressed for a future update?
    Thank You...
  13. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Yes it has received attention and will receive further. Mind you spamming several threads with the same report won´t help get it fixed any faster...
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  14. I heard it somewhere that they are already fixing this, im not sure where i heard this. It could've been in an Empty Box video, not too sure. But, im pretty sure it will be fixed very soon, no doubt about that.
  16. Not looking for an immediate fix just an acknowledgement that the issue is being looked at because it is still present as of the latest v1.49 BETA. If any response was given regarding a straight forward question posted on page 3 of the "Stock Car Extreme v1.49 BETA Available - Info & Feedback here" thread then "spamming" several threads with the same report wouldn't be necessary.
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  17. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    I understand you´d really like this issue fixed (and it is an issue that warrants fixing - we´re on it), but there is an official thread for bug reporting for each released version where you´ve already replicated this complaint multiple times - the fact I know that should assure you we read every post in those threads :) And they are about us receiving feedback on issues, rather than us aknowledging them- unless it´s something that requires clarification, or a major showstopper issue where a dev position is required, and this isnt quite that type of bug. Imagine a topic with 250 posts (where already pretty much a third of it is redundant), if we were to reply to each actual bug report with "this is fixed", "this is being looked into", "this we can´t fix"?

    This is not quite the topic, and if you have reported it in the appropriate place there´s no point taking every opportunity to repeat your personal pet peeve with the game - it really isn´t going to speed things up. A certain level of forum etiquette is necessary otherwise it just makes it a less pleasant place to be for everyone, and less likely we will take the little spare time there is on what we otherwise believe to be valuable interaction with the community.
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