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Reid+Grist co-driver mods

Discussion in 'RBR Mods' started by porridge, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Includes only the original RBR pacenote slots. Except that Grist doesn't have "Tightens Bad", and Reid lacks "Caution".

    At least the Pacenote Plugin is supported, so you have the extra distances. And 8-step scale instead of the usual 7-step as an utterly pointless gimmick.

    It is an onboard rip, but of course TOTALLY NOISE-FREE, as always with porridge-y co-driver mods. So if you ignore the shortcomings, the production values are up there in the sky somewhere.

    Good luck with this. Extract the pack to anywhere you like (temporarily), that'll get you started.


    Download link:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/xbcysyoa5tgvdsn/TFCDP RR+NG+PM porridge en.7z?dl=1

    Dec 2015 update:

    - Added the Mills mod (numeric, 5 choices).
    - Added "double tightens" and "double caution" for Grist along with some other minor but necessary "fixes".
    - Into/Onto slots were looked at again for the Reid and Grist mods.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
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  2. Tomas Reinicke

    Tomas Reinicke

    I get an 403 error whin I try to download this, could you please upload it to some other site as weii

  3. Sorry to keep you waiting, Tomas, but I thought it's best to fix couple of very minor issues first.

    New links 2013-08-24:


    FIX: added Hairpins to Reid's Sounds folder.
    ADD: A terminology list (for OpenOffice and Excel)

    It seems that I cannot edit the first post in here, oh what a world!
    Last edited: May 15, 2014
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  4. For the time being, I will not re-upload the mods. However, I'll keep releasing videos.

    For fun.



    Last edited: Dec 26, 2015
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  5. Thank you very much for these great pacenotes. NG is so much better for me than default one. BTW, will you release also Mills version in the future?
  6. I'm glad you like it, zoobear.

    My version of Mills will not be released, unfortunately. It is way too good for sharing.
  7. Yes, it sounds very professional indeed. I hope you'll change your mind one day. But NG is also very good. Once again many thanks for your work.
  8. About six months ago, I happened to use the Grist mod for the first time in a long while and I was shocked how appalling it actually was. It was still world class all right, but that just isn't good enough in 2015. However, since there was only so much I could do with the existing mods, I thought it was for the best to add the outstanding Mills mod in this last ever pack.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/xbcysyoa5tgvdsn/TFCDP RR+NG+PM porridge en.7z?dl=1

    Protect yourself at all times.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
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  9. Very nicely done, mate:thumbsup: The quality is fantastic, thank you very much for this mod.
    Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year:):)
  10. Same to you, mate. Although let's be honest, xmas is already a thing of a past pretty much, isn't it, but that happy new year stuff... well, that sounds like a decent plan. Yes, might as well try that.
  11. I have belatedly replied to someone via PM about something related to this topic, not once but twice even, you know who you are so check your PM. No reply required.