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Reduce apex amount?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Appie Kuipers, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Dear Guy's, using an apex mod, which makes me dizzy, is it possible to reduce the amount of apex??
    If so where can I find this? Thank You..................Appie.:(
  2. You mean its a 'look to apex' mod and you want to reduce the speed of the 'look'?
  3. Yes, I want to reduce the angle, in other words : less!, if possible:(
  4. Well, im not sure if its my look to apex you are using, but to slow it down a bit, you need to increase the saturation in your actionmap .xml file.

    So for example -

    1. Go to your F1 2011 installation folder and open the sub-folder called 'actionmaps'
    2. Open the relevant wheel .xml file in Notepad or Wordpad.
    3. Locate the lines for 'look left' and 'look right' - check the saturation, its probably something like 'saturation=1.0'
    4. Change 1.0 to 1.5 or 1.7 or 1.9 (you might need to experiment with this before it feels right)
    5. Save the .xml file.
    6. Start the game and go to controllers menu, THIS IS IMPORTANT - toggle your default controller to keyboard, then back to your wheel - THIS WILL RELOAD THE NEW ACTIONMAP WITH THE NEW SATURATION SETTING. IF YOU DONT DO THIS, YOU WONT NOTICE A DIFFERENCE IN THE GAME.
    7. Take the car for a spin.

    Like I said, you may need to try different saturations before its how you want it. Make sure you always load the new actionmap each time you restart the game to make the changes take effect.
  5. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Look to apex mods usually adjust your controllers actionmap file, they remap the look left and look right buttons to your steering wheel axis. So when you turn the wheel you look in the same direction you are turning. Some mod overdo this, so you need to adjust the saturation setting.

    1/ Go to your game install folder

    2/ Open the 'actionmap' folder.

    3/ Open you controller's xml file in a decent text editor like the free Notepad++. So if you had a G27 wheel, open the G27 Racing Wheel.xml file. (You might want to copy and paste the file straight back down into the folder first, to create a backup copy)

    4/ Look for the 2 entries for 'look left' and 'look right', they usually are next to each other. Use the editor's search function to find them.

    5/ You should find 2 lines like this :-

     <Action actionName="Look Left">
        <Axis axisName="win_con_di_axisX" deviceName="046dc29a" baseCalibration="uniDirectionalPositive" deadZone="0" saturation="1.0" />
      <Action actionName="Look Right">
        <Axis axisName="win_con_di_axisX" deviceName="046dc29a" baseCalibration="uniDirectionalPositive" deadZone="0" saturation="1.0" />
    Before it was modded, it would have looked like this :-

      <Action actionName="Look Left">
        <Axis axisName="win_con_di_button11" deviceName="046dc29a" baseCalibration="uniDirectionalPositive" deadZone="0" saturation="1.0" />
      <Action actionName="Look Right">
        <Axis axisName="win_con_di_button10" deviceName="046dc29a" baseCalibration="uniDirectionalPositive" deadZone="0" saturation="1.0" />
    You can see that the original file mapped the look to buttons 10 & 11. The modded file (which you should have), will have them mapped to 'win_con_di_axisX' which is your wheel, and is the same mapping as your steer left and steer right functions.

    6/ In those 2 lines, edit the saturation setting to something more appropriate, the smaller the number the less your head will turn. In the above example they are set to saturation="1.0", I suggest that as a starting point you edit BOTH left and right to saturation="0.4". I found this perfect in F1 2010, and there is probably no reason that F1 2011 should be any different.

    7/ Now save the file, and ensure that whatever name it is, it is saved as an .xml file, exactly the same as the original.

    8/ That should be it ..... just re-adjust the setting (between 0.1 to 1.0) if you are not happy with 0.4.

    Cheers :)
  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Whoops, Paul answered this whilst I was busy typing.

    Though I am not sure about the saturation settings, unless things have changed in F1 2011 (as opposed to F1 2010), 0.4 was great for me in F1 2010.

    I don't use look to apex in F1 2011, as I now have TrackIR 5, so I just physically look left and right a bit to get the same result.
  7. @GNU UK You forgot the 1 important step of making the game reload the new actionmap setting by toggling to keyboard and back to wheel :D

    For some reason, making the saturation more than 1 slows it down and less than 1 makes it more abrubt. I couldnt remember which it was but Kaido did some testing recently and confirmed it.
  8. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Hi Paul

    I didn't mention it, as I didn't think it was necessary, after all it's exactly the same file name as was used before editing, and I assumed the game read this file every time it loads anyway :)

    EDIT: Does that mean that the game only reads the actionmap file once, then stores the settings in one of the files in the gamesave folder?

    As for saturation, I can only go by last year's game. 0.4 was great, and setting higher than that made your head turn way too far, which meant your head is turning further with the same amount of steering wheel travel, which I guess would also look faster to the player.

    As you have tried it with F1 2011, I would recommend that the OP takes more notice of your figures, as the setting MUST have changed since F1 2010 (surprisingly to me).

    Either way, only a couple of tests by the OP will be enough for him to determine which way to go with the numbers :)

  9. Thanks you very much guy's, very clear explanation, I'll try some settings!!:)
  10. Yeah there is something different in 2011 where it comes to modding the actionmap. It must cache the settings or something, rather than reading the actiomap each time the game starts. Last year, if you had look to apex and then changed a button in the game (making it a custom actionmap) it would lose the apex mod as it wasnt using the default map anymore, so any custom button assignments HAD to be done in the default actionmap.
    However, with 2011, you can add the apex mod to the default, load it in by toggling controller, and then go and customise what you want button wise in game and it will append the new controls to your existing settings, rather than reverting to a totally custom map.

    Its great really, so much better than last year, but it does mean you manually need to toggle over to keyboard and then back to wheel if you want to load any changes made to the default actionmap.
  11. There is another way you might want to try out.
    change the value for maxHeadLook in the camera.xml of the one car you're driving your career in. Change it to something between 6.0000 to 8.0000 for the head-cam (cockpit-cam) in original camera files it is 20.000
  12. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Hi Mitch

    The only problem with that is that it kind of over-complicates the issue. You not only have to adjust individual cars, you also have to decrypt and encrypt the camera.xml files to carry out the edit. The average user would probably not want to do that, especially if there are other camera mods also installed. :)

    The Saturation method should be OK for most people. (Once we know the numbers ;) )


    Thanks for the reply, interesting stuff I didn't know there .....
  13. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    I think of all the things I have seen you PC guys have for both F1 2011 and 2010 this look to apex mod is the one that as an Xbox user I am most envious of.
  14. It should be built into the game to be honest. They are happy to put in acceleration and braking head movement effects that are 'nice' but dont really help driving, and leave out something like head turn. Impossible to map more than one thing to the x-axis in game, only possible by an actionmap mod. I get bored of saying this, but if they could do it in Race07..........
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  15. Sure. for the average user this might be a bit comlicated... and editing each car's camera-xml really can be a pain in the ass. For me it was ok because i don't drive in different car's all the time...

    But editing the actionmap really sounds interesting. I will try this out, but i'm affraid it will f*** up my game once again... few days ago my game wouldn't let me steer my car anymore because of an edited actionmap, where i only set the steering-deadzones to 0.
    But i'll give it a try cause in fast corners my method is good. in slower corners or hairpins though i would like to turn the head a bit more, which is not possible by editing the maxHeadLook.
  16. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    I think you'll find the right number to suit you for the actionmap. Whatever number is chosen, I think it will naturally suit the corner you are entering at any given time.

    I say this simply because on a long fast corner you are barely turning your wheel, so your head wont turn much towards the apex. In a slow hairpin, you end up with a lot of steering lock, therefore your head will naturally turn more.

    As Paul says above, they really should have put this in, especially as it was requested by many when F1 2010 came out. Race 07 does it, so does GSC. Nobody is forced to use it, it can be disabled. Those that want it, can just adjust a 'percentage' setting to vary the amount of head turn. Basic stuff really!
  17. Hi
    My 1st post.

    This is exactly what I'm trying to do, look left/right when steering left/right as though I was pressing the look left/right buttons.

    I am using a playstation 1 dual shock controller that has 2 analogue stick thumb controllers
    Left stick is X/Y axis, set for steering on X axis.
    Right stick is Z axis, forward/back, set for acceleration/brake and Z rotation, set for look left/right.
    I want to set the X axis to look left/right as well as steer left/right.
    Would also like to make the buttons and D-pad work in the menus to move and select.

    Which actionmap should I edit?

    When in game I can only choose keyboard or custom as my controller.
    I choose custom to make the psx pad work and can configure all buttons and commands but obviously cannnot set steer left/right and look left/right to the same analogue stick axis.

    What does the 'Override input device type' setting do?
    I can choose 'OFF', 'GAMEPAD' or 'STEERING WHEEL' but it doesn't seem to make any difference; the psx pad works as long as 'controller profile' is set to 'custom'.

    In this post, (http://community.codemasters.com/fo...1343/436516-controller-problem-look-here.html) although this is for F1 2010, I read about changing the controllers name using regedit to one of the actionmaps names, .
    I have done this and used the 'PS1000 dual AnaloguePad NEW' actionmap but editing this dosen't work.

    Also notice that in a lot of the actionmaps there are more controls than shown in the in game control settings such as "Temp Left Shoulder" or camera tweaks, what are these?

  18. Ok so you have changed the registry to detect the controller as one of the supported controllers, but changing the actionmap isnt making any difference? Once you have done the changes, have you gone into the game settings and cycled the default controller to keyboard and then back to the controller in order to have the game load the modified actionmap?
    If you have done this and it still wont work, my guess is you havent edited the registry correctly.
  19. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    As Gnu UK said, get a Track IR 5 it's so much simpler plus I can now get distracted by a stunner in the crowd before crashing in a ball of fire.
  20. Hi Paul

    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes I switched to keyboard and back again, but the point is that I only had the two options in choosing controls of 'keyboard' or 'custom' so I assumed from that that the game wasn't seeing the gamepad as the supported controller.
    I'll try registry again but I really don't know what I'm, doing in there, just following the post instructions.