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Red Bull Ring (Spielberg) - Austria (Dry)

Discussion in 'F1 2016 Setups' started by Graham Laing, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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  2. Car


    Front Wing Angle: 5
    Rear Wing Angle: 3

    On throttle: 70%
    Off throttle: 70%

    Suspension Geometry
    Front Camber : -2.70
    Rear Camber: -1.20
    Front Toe: 0.11
    Rear Toe : 0.31

    Front Suspension: 8
    Rear Suspension: 4
    Front Anti-Roll Bar: 8
    Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 4
    Front Ride Height: 5
    Rear Ride Height: 5


    Brake Pressure: 85%
    Front Brake Bias: 58%

    Tyre Pressures

    Front Tyre Pressure: 24.2
    Rear Tyre Pressure: 22.7

    Weight Distribution
    Ballast: 11

    **Time Trial Setup** - Full Traction, ABS Brakes, Auto Gears, Xbox Controller (PC)

    As much as it's worth, I managed to get 2nd on the leaderboard with a time of 01:07:765 using this setup.

    --Do Not Use This For Race Conditions--
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  3. I scored a 1:11.831 using this setup on a Haas car in career mode on the ps4. My big question is...why is everybody taking a Mercedes and posting setups? I thought this was a help forum, to help out fellow members with problems about setups...regardless of what car you're in. Ever since F1 '12 it's always been Mercedes this and Mercedes that...yes this is a complaint
  4. In Time Trial it doesn't matter which car you use as they are all the same. Mercedes happens to be the closest option, it saves me clicking through each time. Really I should put "any", but everyone knows that anyways. As for races, in previous titles I never noticed much difference using a setup in one car over another. Yes, a Marussia is going to be slower than a Ferrari, but it doesn't stop setups from making it quicker.

    In early Codemasters F1 games I used Red Bull as they were the #1 team. Use whichever car you like, it's all the same. Also we don't post here to help other people with setups, we post our own setups, other people try them and give feedback. You can tweak the setups if you wish, to work better in race conditions, or for a particular car.

    What I would like is feedback regarding tyre wear with my time trial setups. Are people doing races and not tweaking them? Or using them and doing some minor tweaks? I always like to know how tyre wear is and how you convert a TT setup into a race simulation with tyre wear and fuel.
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  5. Well explained. I'm a newcomer...I've been here for 2 yrs and all I've ever seen was who gets the best time. With you saying that, it explains a lot more to me. I thank you for the insight and hope to see more setups...regardless of what car it is. I should've noticed it from the beginning. Good example...I used an Xbox setup on a ps4 and it did work. My apologies, if I offended any of the brothers in the race department. I will do my best to be a better part of this brotherhood. It makes sence
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  6. Are you absolutely sure that in TT they are the same?
  7. I can't see why not. In all previous games Time Trial is a place with perfect conditions. No tyre wear, no fuel, perfect grip, and cars were the same as far as I know. I've seen some people use Ferrari for Time Trial and not look any slower than a Mercedes. I would be surprised if Codemasters made the cars different in TT, it wouldn't make sense if they did.

    In career mode, and simulated races the cars have different characteristics. There's probably a "Quick Race" on the online mode which makes all cars equal. Time Trial likely follows the same method. It would be a head scratcher if they made other cars slower then Mercedes on a game mode made for perfect conditions to set the best laps. If they did there would be no reason being anything other than Mercedes, but they give us the option of other cars so they all probably copy Mercedes in terms of handling and power. Mercedes is (likely) the "template" for Equal mode.
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  8. What about career mode
  9. Career mode uses full simulation so tyre wear, fuel loads, differing track temperatures, and cars are scaled as they are in real-life, with Mercedes being the quickest, Red Bull having better turn-in/less power, and cars like Sauber, Marussia and Renault all being the slowest. Time Trial setups do not suit these conditions.

    It's not impossible to use TT setup for a race, the balance should be Ok, but you will lose time down the straights and have more tyre wear. This is because downforce/camber/roll bars (etc) levels are adjusted to have DRS (sometimes twice) for the straights on TT where DRS is guaranteed despite no cars being out on track. You won't get DRS for every lap in race conditions unless you're fighting close in the middle of the pack and can follow others; which is very unlikely. Therefore TT setups need tweaking to compensate for race conditions. I do plan on posting race setups after I completed all TT but it may be some time.
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