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Recording Game(s) - Best Program ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Andre_1th, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. So now and then I record some in game driving or whatever.
    Mostly to share knowhow and/or tutorials.
    Fraps doesn't fill my needs anymore so I found some other prg called
    Camtasia is not too bad but recordings are everytime again very bad.
    Everytime again very stuttering result, whatever I try .

    Camtasia main site doesnt have a forum, just 'fake' hoeray messages on the right.
    Not possible to add one comment yourself.....

    So any experience here with this prg ?

  2. How does Fraps not fill your needs?

    I think 99% of people will agree it's the best recording software available.
  3. i agree Fraps is the best... but 1 lap in rfactor will be like 2GB .avi file so you need to convet it
  4. Offcourse, I always converted with fraps avi to whatever. AVS is great prg for that.

    But Camtasia has so many more options, I just wonder, want to know, understand why the results are so poor.
    It seems it has some restricted fps output wich you can't change, Tried it all, no luck sofar.
  5. to run fraps without stuttering, you have to have a good hardware spec (if im not wrong) coz if i try to record using fraps.. i get bogged down to 25 fps..
    but without a doubt, its the best screen capturing soft..
  6. I don't have probs with fraps results. It's about the stuttering with camtasia.
  7. I believe the main limiting factor is the speed of your hard drive. Try lowering the resolution, or FPS.

    Ah, Camtasia is some sort of video capture/video editing mish-mash. Meh, why not just use Fraps, and a decent video editing software?
  8. Yes, Fraps is very good concerning the fps. I think camtasa is just doing to many things on background, tried also ohter rec. prg's with same poor results. So indeed back to Fraps for game recordings ;) and using other tools for editing.
    For non game recordings camtasia works still very fine.
    Tnx !
  9. FRAPS records at as good of a quality as possible pretty much. If you are stuttering, you should probably get a fast hard drive dedicated to recording.

    Also, FRAPS now has a setting that you can have it record say 30FPS, but not limit your FPS to that. A very nice feature if you are recording live.

    As for encoding the avi's fraps spits out, I use VirtualDub. I encode in H.264. Definitely the best for fast moving video like racing.
  10. I used WeGame on my old XP box, it has some issues, but could generally take the output of it and upload it right to youtube.

    When I switched to win7 it did not work very well, so I bought fraps and have not looked back. I would like a "web recording" mode like WeGame had so I could do a quicky vid without having to break out encoding software.
  11. Yep, I checked several recording prg's last week, and canstasia will work great for you, it handles it all .
    And there are more prg's too ;)