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Recording F1 2012 with SweetFX or InjectFX

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Demy van Zoggel, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    How do you guys record your races? I was using fraps but because it makes seperate files it stutters a bit during the race and thats not easy to drive with. Other programs dont recognize F1 2012 due the directx files from SweetfX and InjectFX and I dont know how to fix this. The only way is go back to Afterburner w/o sweetfx.
    So how do you guys record this?
  2. [​IMG]



    Do this and you'll be able to record it with Afterburner. Sorry that interface is in polish ;)
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  3. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    So many to choose from :)

    Afterburner is free and has already been mentioned above. There is also a free capturing facility in the gaming/chat XFire client :-


    I own Fraps, Playclaw, DxTory, and Bandicam. There is one other one I have used the demo of, and that one's called Action!

    My personal favourite is DxTory, as there is less stress on my system (framerate), and because you can spread the load by striping (think of RAID drive systems here), where the software can capture and save the video across multiple hard drives at the same time. This shares the load, with less chance of one drive 'choking' and stuttering. The software will then join all the parts together after recording, to give you one large file. You can preview the video whilst it is still split up, before you compile it together.

    Ones to consider, try the demo first if available :-

    Cheers :)

    PS I don't know much about compatibility with SweetFX of InjectFX, but i do use InjectFX with Battlefield 3, and DxTory with no problems.
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  4. I've tested the programs you mentioned but to me they are nothing compared to Afterburner, and afterburner is free! DxTory was a mess but that might have been my settings or because it was a free version. Thanks for the help!

    Mateusz Najda You are the best bro!
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  5. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    It also depends on the track if it's stuttering or not. After all, Monza and China seem to be more of a problem for my machine than Hungary, for example. :)
  6. follow up question... is there any way to record videos when playing in eyefinity mode? (3 monitors)?
  7. You'll have to ask somebody who uses it since I'm using single GPU and have no idea about Eyefinity ;)
  8. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    I don't know about Eyefinity either, I don't use it.

    Assuming that it can be done, you will probably have to capture a huge amount video data, and need a tip-top system to capture it at a good frame rate. You would probably have to compress the data on the fly, to a more lossy capture, a lower bitrate. This doesn't make it a bad or poor video, just because you lower the bitrate.

    It's a question of balance, RGB or almost lossless capturing mean you need tons on space and pretty fast drives. Using a bit of compression means that you will use some of your CPU power to do the compression, but save a lot of disk space. Finding the balance that will work for you will take time. If you have a good capture program, then at least you will have a choice of codecs to choose from, there isn't a choice with FRAPS.

    Currently I use a medium quality codec without additional compression, which I can enable if required (YUV420), there is YUV24 above it, and then RGB (True Quality) itself. The low quality YUV (but still good), is YUV410. A great lossless codec is Lagarith (a free codec).

    Using my 'medium' codec I capture games @ 1920x1080. The bitrate of the resulting files are roughly 730 Mbits. When I compress them later to x264 mp4 or mkv, I compress them to around 12 - 14 Mbits, this is still a reasonably high bitrate, which will be further compressed by you-tube if I upload, to around 5 Mbits (HD)

    At my capturing rate, that 730 MBit video takes up around 5.5 Gb per minute of disk space @ 1920x1080. So a typical short 30 min MP race with friends @ 30% race distance will take around 165 GB of drive space. So you can imagine what size the file would be using RGB True quality recording.

    Of course it is all going to be multiplied again, where assuming you are using 3 HD screens @ 1920x1080, you will be capturing at 5760x1080, a gigantic number of pixels to capture, store and/or compress on the fly.

    Don't let me put you off, but I think you may have a bit of a challenge on your hands, trying to balance system resources, game performance, and video quality.

    Good luck :)

    EDIT: Just to make it clear because it isn't in the above text. YUV & RGB are colour spaces not codecs, YUV being more lossy than RGB. It's a combination of codec and colour space. In the above text I use the dxtory propriety codec, Fraps has it's own codec, so does Playclaw. With most programs you can select different codecs (if you install them), MJPEG (Motion JPG) is common, and Lagarith is a brilliant lossless codec and is compressed, which saves space.
  9. Mateusz Najda is there a possibility that I make my afterburner record the same visual experience as what i'm experiencing? Because the video's don't really show the SweetFX settings I use.

    Thank you!
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  10. Yeah i would need it too.
  11. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    I would adjust colour, saturation etc. in an editing suite before rendering to the final video.
  12. Sorry, but I don't know that much about it since I'm not using SweetFX or any other kind of modified Direct files. I only know how to allow you to record footage while you are using it. I would suggest playing with gamma in game or, as Graham said, use some king of editing suite like Sony Vegas or maybe After Effects.

    You may also try to change something in the recording settings.
  13. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Graham Laing

    Hey do you know if it's possible to compress a recorded video with MSI Afterburner? Because when im recording, the end product (for 1 lap) is like 250mb.
    Just too big to upload to Youtube.

    Can I do it with Afterburner? or do I need to use an external program?

  14. Try VirtualDub.
    I usually use it to compress the result file, even though Bandicam can do video compression while recording. The difference is in a 9 GB file compared to 2,5 GB with no huge quality loss. Of course, it all depends your choice of a codec and the compression settings.
  15. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    It really depends on what sort of final video you want, and what it is going to be used for. The AVI container has been around for donkeys years. Nowadays I use mkv or mp4.

    Virtualdub is brilliant (still is), but is a bit old for me. I mostly use MeGUI to compress to an AVC codec (x264) with AAC audio (or AC3), within a mkv or mp4 container.

    It can get really complicated with codecs and containers, generally VDub uses AVI with DivX or Xvid video codecs and MP3 audio. You can do x264 if you have the correct VFW (Video For Windows) x264 codec plugin installed.

    If it is a straight compression of the whole of the captured video, then that isn't generally a problem, there is all sorts of solutions out there. If you want to EDIT the video before compression, then it gets harder.

    Also consider other one step solutions, when you don't need to edit. Handbrake, and AVI Demux come to mind, and both are free too. Nero isn't too bad, but can be a bit restrictive.




    Video Tutorials :


  16. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium Member

    Nice advice!!
  17. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium Member

    Αfterburner users, what settings do you have?
  18. Here you go, my settings. If you want translation, please tell me ;)
  19. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium Member

    Mateusz Najda Thanks! Do you have any videos so that I can see the quality? If you don't have them on youtube, don't care.

  20. Just take note, that it's much compressed in Sony Vegas (compression rate: 7,4) so it looks much worse than raw video from game. But I think that it would be better, if you would try to record something on your own with those settings and than judge :)
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