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Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by tlsmikey, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. New to R3E (coming from Assetto and iRacing). Anyone suggest some must have content that I should look at, particularly when it comes to cars?

    I've tried the DTM2016 cars and those seem fun, but I'm not a huge fan of four cylinder cars.

    How about GT3 cars? Anything else that drives really well?

    I'm trying to figure out what is new content with new physics vs older stuff.
  2. Georg Ortner

    Georg Ortner
    Sector3 Studios Premium

    I would recommend the following, depending on what kind of cars you like.
    They all have more or less uptodate physics.
    • GT3
    • DTM 16
    • WTCC 15
    • TT Cup
    • F4, FR 2
    • GTO / Gr.5
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  3. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    As well as the above don't neglect the free Silhouettes and Aquila great feeling cars.
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  4. Jazz Forsberg

    Jazz Forsberg
    2nd hand driver Premium

    There are the new packs too that may be interesting for someone new to the game, including the premium one which includes everything for something around 27€ (can't remember)
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  5. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium

    DTM 16
    Audi TT
    WTCC 15

    Are my picks and the easiest to find servers for pick up races.
    FYI not sure if you were referring to 4 cylinders in general or the DTM being a 4 banger but there v8s :)
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  6. Hmmm...i thought i had the premium pack and it included DTM16 but i'll check again. When i drove the merc it sounded like a 4. If it's a V8....sweet.

    Thanks for the recommendations. I tried a lot of those cars last night. Good stuff. DTM16 and GT3 are going to be my favorites.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2016