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Real Name Mod 2015 - Part 2 0.8

Part 2 of the mod (upload Limit 300MB)

  1. You are aware of the fact that this is a game unlicensed by the FIA and therefore you are committing yourself to a illegal breach of Copyright?
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  2. Its a mod... nobody earns money with it... so all Assetto Corsa Skin Mods for the F135 etc. are illegal too...
  3. I can not Judge about that one i don't know that.
    I do know that enough games been shutdown because of this. All MODS for F1 the game by Codemasters are ok since they are licensed by FIA this one ain't and we all know what Bernie thinks of these kinda things. Let me be clear I DO SUPPORT YOU but i know out of Experience that if you unlucky enough Bernie will visit the Devs factory.

    Again i support all kinda mods i just don't want anybody that makes these mods for fun to be sued for nothing nor see the devs getting a ban on making further versions of this game because they are held responsible for avoiding this kinda stuff to be released.
  4. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    The developers of the game, will not be in any troubles for any user made mods.
    There might come a time where we (RaceDepartment) is told by the commercial right holders of F1 (Not the FIA), where we are asked, or told, to remove certain mods. That's happened before. However, your worst case scenario-writing here, is extremely unlikely and honestly impossible.
    The devs. are not responsible for what users do with the game.
  5. I would like to make you aware of a post in a mod forum on steam from the MM game:

    The FIA isnt FIFA, they are overprotective.
    There were several cases in the past where mods of games got banned and one game got blocked from steam shop. So yes, this is not nonsense, and yes this happened before.
    racedepartment.com had to delete over 30 skins/mods for a few games - the hilarious part of that is, that the whole purpose of many of those mods was to keep the "games look" on par with the changes of the season of f1, like changes on livery, helmets, sponsors.
    ♥♥♥♥ like this never happened to football games as far as i know.

    So it didn't end with the mods posted over here.

    p.s. i read you're response after i found this. I just found it inside the discussion as a response on my message there aswell.

    Again i DO support modders they make gaming life way more exciting. Unfortunatly Ernie Heckelrock disagrees :( xDDD

    p.s. those who don't know Ernie Heckelrock is the name of Bernie Ecclestone in MM since they don't have licenses from FIA xD

    Just fact checked it and you are right although it mentions a banned game our best friend google ends up with nothing so no game banned as far as i know indeed.
  6. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Oh I know, one of the staff-perks is that I know what was said as well :)

    The devs are not in danger, and modders are not either. We still host mods - Everything is nice :)
  7. When the 11 team? and whether the real names of designers and racing engineers? спасибо))))
  8. rocafella1978


    hi there, i get CRC failed and DATA error in "resources.assets" (says file is broken)
  9. rocafella1978


    once I renamed the 2nd file to: "Real Name Mod 2015 - Part 1 0.9.rar" all worked out. (so naming of 2nd file was causing errors)
  10. Hi Unfortunately doesn't want to extract !!!! erro data