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Real KERS and DRS

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ben Jacobs, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. So the Simsyncpro guys released their Real KERS/DRS system today, and it looks pretty fantastic.

    Will we see it worked into the FSR Leagues any time soon?
  2. Not in 2011.
  3. and hopefully in 2012 well have rfactor 2 ;)
  4. thats probably a typo Chris, 2022 you mean ;)
  5. lmao nope on the dev forum theyve promised this year ;)
  6. Hard to to answer that question without having the game, Chris :)
  7. each year they promise, they just keeping us warm lol. Due to the huge fanbase of rf they are able to stretch it everytime because of the succes rf is in my opinion. However there comes a point that the patience of people is over if you ask me. Time for a change i would say.

    Anyway interested to see what will happen if we use something like this, last year we had a similair boost thingy wich was not suported by everyone. :D
  8. DRS = fake racing
  9. Controversial! :p

    Nah I think DRS isn't needed in Sim Racing because we still get lots of overtaking, but I enjoy its presence in real-life when the activation zones have been set effectively.
  10. Totally agree, KERS maybe but DRS is totally useless, pressing one button 10 times a lap is just boring

    I would rather press some pechotes
  11. I agree, KERS could be a maybe but DRS, never.
  12. Why not? With Kers and DRS will be fun and something new in simracing. These changes doesn't be boring during the weekend. If the new technology is good i think will be great to use them.
  13. In simracing you don't need tools like DRS, because usually you don't loose so much aero efficiency like real F1 cars while driving in dirt air.
  14. Boosting was silly last year, not real racing at all. if we had Kers and DRS it would just be the same, so i hope FSR do not implement them into next years mod.
  15. If we do to lose more downforce in the corners, can add those tools. Will be like Real F1 thats why i think can add them. This is only my mind :)
  16. As has been said, we don't suffer from dirty air so DRS isn't needed, but I think KERS would add an extra dynamic to the racing, and it wouldn't give anyone an unfair advantage because we'd all have the same.
  17. What i think is KERS used in the way DRS is used, certain activation points so you can use the full boost, no the full way around the lap.

    Defo no to DRS, i don't like it because it ruins lower cars chances of getting high places, Canada for example, Schumacher would of been 2nd or atleast 3rd but due to Webber's DRS he could sail past, (only just)