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RDGTC S3 | GT Championship 2010/11 (rFactor)

Discussion in 'RD GT Championship' started by Remco de Wildt, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. What is this?

    This is the News thread for the RaceDepartment GT Championship. Here all important updates and announcement of the league will be made. Keep a close eye on this thread so you don't miss out on important changes.

    The news will be posted by the staff.
  2. We are proud to announce another season for some exciting GT racing here at Racedepartment, Season 3 of the GT Championship.

    In the coming days/weeks you will get more information and announcements of Season 3 while the RDGTC forum is getting shape. There will be some changes this season which will all be revealed when the time is there. For now we will announce 2 major changes in the format.

    Season 3 will be held on ISI's RFactor with the NAGT mod.
  3. RDGTC S3 - Paddock (General chat)

    Welcome to the paddock, here you can chat away about the RDGTC.
  4. Any chance you'll be racing on the weekends?
  5. Check last season. :)
  6. ooooo can't wait for this league to start up again, really enjoyed last one.
  7. Looks like Sundays last season :D. For some reason I thought it was weeknights. Nice.
  8. RDGTC - League Format & Info (Read first!)


    RDGTC S3 - Provisional League Format

    League: RaceDepartment GT Championship
    Season: 3 (2010/2011)
    Game(s) Required: RFactor by ISI
    Number of Divisions: 1 - RDGT World Championship


    With 2 succesfull seasons behind us the Championship is ready for a new challenge, season 3 will be held on ISI's Rfactor for the first time. This combined with the challeging NAGT mod it promises to be an exciting league. The league will run for 6 rounds on Sunday's over a 2 months period.

    Sign up
    Interested drivers, with a licensed membership and ranking status, can apply for a place in the league but we decide who will eventually drive based on a few criteria:

    - driving standards
    - commitment
    - participation in previous RD leagues

    This means that some people will be disappointed but that is unfortunately the downside of this system.

    Sign up open: 19 October 2010
    Sign up closed: 2 November 2010

    Available cars

    The cars for the RDGTC will be from the NAGT Mod, there will be a balanced (8x4) 32 car grid. When you sign up you need to pick a car as 1st choice together with a 2nd and 3rd preffered car. We can not guaranty that you will drive your first choice for the season. If your first choice is not available we will assign you to your 2nd or in some cases to the 3rd choice.

    • Aston Martin DBRS9
    • Cadillac CTS-V
    • Chevrolet Corvette C6R
    • Dodge Viper CC
    • Ford Mustang Cobra
    • Pontiac GTO
    • Porsche 996 GT3
    • Nissan Skyline GT-R
    Download NAGT v1.5 here
    Download Patch v1.51 here


    * Track list to be announced

    Season 3 Track List:

    Round 1: 21-11-2010 Paul Ricard GT [Download]
    Round 2: 28-11-2010 Watkins Glen V2 Chicane [Download]
    Round 3: 12-12-2010 Interlagos [Download]
    Round 4: 19-12-2010 Algarve [Download]
    Round 5: 09-01-2011 Vancouver [Download]
    Round 6: 16-01-2011 Sebring [Download]

    Session Info

    Every race will have 4 sessions, practice, qualification, warmup and race.

    Practice: 30 minutes starts at 19:00 GMT
    Qualification: 20 minutes starts at 19:30 GMT
    Warmup: 10 minutes starts at 19:50 GMT
    Race: 55 minutes starts at 20:00 GMT (Including formation lap)

    The final round of the season will have a duration of 100 minutes.

    Race settings

    *To be announced

    Points table

    1. 110
    2. 100
    3. 92
    4. 85
    5. 80
    6. 76
    7. 72
    8. 68
    9. 64
    10. 60
    11. 57
    12. 54
    13. 51
    14. 48
    15. 45
    16. 43
    17. 41
    18. 39
    19. 37
    20. 35
    21. 33
    22. 31
    23. 29
    24. 27
    25. 25
    26. 23
    27. 21
    28. 19
    29. 17
    30. 15
    31. 13
    32. 11
    Lead lap
    5 points will be awarded to any driver who leads a lap during the race, this does not include the formation lap.

    Independents and Constructors

    RDGTC is an individual championship, however constructor points are also ranked in a championship. All 32 cars will need to be selected to form a balanced 8x4 cars grid


    Having you own livery is mandatory, if you can not create your own we encourage you to ask help from the community.

    Livery deadline: 15 November 2010


    This is the most important part of the league briefing you need to understand! If you are allowed to drive the in league we expect you to be present during all races of the season. If you happen to miss out on an event and go missing in action afterwards without giving any notice the race staff reserve the rights to terminate your licensed member status on RaceDeparment.


    It may happen that rules get violated. In such cases it is up to the drivers to report the violation. The staff encourages this and will only investigate incidents that are reported by drivers.

    No report = no investigation = no penalty

    A report can be sent to the staff by private message. It must always contain:

    o Name of the league: RDGTC S3
    o The name of the reported driver (the violator)
    o A link to a youtube or vimeo movie that shows the incident in various angles.
    o A short description of the incident, without rant, along with the timestamp

    You must always send the report with your own forum account. You can only send a report if you were actually in the race. Report from outsider will be not be considered.
    After sending the staff will then investigate the incident. Incomplete reports will not be considered.

    Reports must be sent within 24 hours of the finish of the race. Reports that come in too late might not be considered.

    General League Rules

    All the general league rules are written down in a document for the 2010 league season. Click here to read it!
  9. RDGTC S3 - Q & A

    Here you can post all your questions related to the RDGTC S3.

    Stay on topic!
    No chit chat!
  10. RDGTC S3 - Sign up (Closed)

    Sign up

    What is this?

    This is the sign up thread of the RaceDepartment GT World Championship. In this thread you can see which drivers have been entered into the competition. The drivers can enter by replying to this thread.

    Before you sign up

    >> Read the RDGTC S3 - League format and Info thread
    >> Read the RDGTC S3 - News thread

    We strongly advise you to test the mod before you sign up. With your sign up you have to add 3 cars in order of your preference and is not negotiable afterwards. See the Info and Intro thread for more information.

    Sign up open till November 2nd 2010
  11. Custom skins and teams are allowed ?
  12. You can find that in the League format and info Can ;)
  13. Blind me!, sorry :redface:
  14. RDGTC - Car/Mod Info

    Aston Martin DBRS9

    Engine: 5.9L DB9 V12
    Hp: 546
    Torque: 574
    Weight: 1417 kg
    Power to weight: 0.39 hp/kg
    Driven wheels: Rear Wheels

    Cadillac CTS-V

    Engine: 6.0L V8
    Hp: 534
    Torque: 648
    Weight: 1442 kg
    Power to weight: 0.37 hp/kg
    Driven wheels: Rear Wheels

    Chevrolet Corvette C6R

    Engine: 6.0L LS2 V8
    Hp: 524
    Torque: 638
    Weight: 1410 kg
    Power to weight: 0.37 hp/kg
    Driven wheels: Rear Wheels

    Dodge Viper CC

    Engine: 8.3L V10
    Hp: 550
    Torque: 714
    Weight: 1446 kg
    Power to weight: 0.38 hp/kg
    Driven wheels: Rear Wheels

    Ford Mustang Cobra

    Engine: 6.0L GT V8
    Hp: 502
    Torque: 597
    Weight: 1360 kg
    Power to weight: 0.37 hp/kg
    Driven wheels: Rear Wheels

    Pontiac GTO

    Engine: 6.0L LS2 V8
    Hp: 498
    Torque: 600
    Weight: 1373 kg
    Power to weight: 0.36 hp/kg
    Driven wheels: Rear Wheels

    Porsche 996 GT3

    Engine: 3.6L GT3 RS flat 6
    Hp: 460
    Torque: 429
    Weight: 1278 kg
    Power to weight: 0.36 hp/kg
    Driven wheels: Rear Wheels

    Nissan Skyline GT-R

    Engine: RB26DETT
    Hp: 510
    Torque: 514
    Weight: 1428 kg
    Power to weight: 0.36 hp/kg
    Driven wheels: Four Wheels


    Info for all cars:

    Optimal tyre temprature: 94 degrees
    Optimal brake temprature: 500-650 degrees
    Optimal oil temprature: 109 degrees

    Info about tyres:

    The spec tire of SCCA World Challenge GT is the Toyo RA1. It is a shaved treaded DOT tire in various
    sizes but in one compound only. There is no “Hard, Medium, or Soft”, and all teams are required to use
    the provided tire.
    A “Sticker” (brand new tire) will have very good initial grip, but if not properly heat-cycled will then
    fade fast, have poor grip, and not last a 50 minute race.
    A “Heat-Cycled” tire is a tire that has been run hard for 2-4 laps and then has been left to cool. This
    changes the properties of the tire such that it will not have the same high initial grip, but will maintain
    its grip level and lifespan over a 50 minute race.
  15. I couldn't help but notice that the Volvo S60 has been omitted from the car list. Is there a reason for this?
  16. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium

    Rhys ? volvo s60 in RDGTC?
  17. RDGTC will use rFactor NAGT 1.51 mod which includes Volvo S60. Perhaps S60 is too good ?.
  18. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium

    my bad...saw now the mod
  19. I have maybe missed this but will there be 2 divisions like last season or not?
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