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RD Casual Server: WTCC 2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Bram, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    This server is free to use for all racing club members. You don't need to sign up for it, just fill in the password and have a quick race with others.

    Server name: RACEDEPARTMENT 1
    Tracks: All tracks of 2008
    Cars: WTCC 2008
    Password: Click here
    Leaderboard: Click here
  2. S this is just for Race On eh...? Disappointing.
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Yeah, i can try running a rfactor server in the race on lobby but that won't help anybody :)
  4. Oh well. Was hoping for a GTR Evo server but it's cool.
  5. Thanks for this Bram! I agree with Dustin, it is a shame for those of us who don't have RACE ON yet that we can not use the server... However, Race On is the latest 'evolution' of the Race On series, the forum is now renamed Race On and if it was GTR tracks/cars, then anyone with Race07, STCC, and/or Race On would not be able to join the server because, as I have moaned elsewhere, RACE ON does NOT include GTR... So I also agree with the decision to use the Formula Masters and WTCC 2008's.

    For those, like me, who don't buy direct from steam, or maybe want the boxed DVD set here is a link to GAME UK where it can be preordered for £24.99 - hopefully they will have it in their shops from the 13th of November too - I shall be telephoning my local store later to reserve one if its available...


    Oh great they have now gone to a central (stupid) automated switchboard number so you can't actually talk to someone in your local store - will let you know after 13th if they have them instore..
  6. I'll wait until the game comes down in price. Just a shame GTR Evo lasted a few months for me before something else came out.
  7. I hear you mate - but we still have GTR and all its content, and we can still use it online at least - I do think by their course of action in not including it in the bundle SIMBIN have dealt a fatal blow to GTR, its great cars and the Nordscliffe...
  8. thx
  9. Pure awsomeness to have a running club server to just jump into. Best thing ever since sliced bread :)
  10. Server name suggestion? Looking for ideas here so that the purpose of the server is communicated in lobby to encourage joiners, to make it totally obvious to all RD Clubmembers, wether they have seen these posts or not that they can join and race -

    Server name -

    Three suggestions to start you off, from posts I see the servers still don't seem to be getting as much use as they could - whats happening, where does everyone dissappear to - I know your not all racing offline against AI - Its so close to been a total success - but the admin can't do it ALL on their own - they need YOU and YOUR ideas on how to get more club members using the servers, please post..
  11. I think some of the problem is that a lot of the community don't just race here. Several members have other leagues and racing clubs that they participate in.

    In the Formula Masters thread, I posted up when a mate and me were going on and no one joined us. In fact since the servers have been up like this I have only seen a handful of other people. Bram actually stayed for a couple of fun races the other night but for the most part I have seen people come on, do 3 or 4 laps and then bugger off.

    It would seem that the fully active drivers around here are generally all signed up for events on different nights of the week. After a gruelling event they are relieved to wind down rather than jump on a server for a mess about. I don't know what the solution is though, I don't sign up for every event and I quite fancy some casual races but there just doesn't seem to be enough of an interest. People seem content to jump on publics than try to get a few people together for a more private shindig.
  12. Just a thought, do you think maybe it would be a good idea to have a poll each week or each month on what series of cars and series of tracks to be used? , i.e. All WTCC/STCC 06 07 08 Cars, GTR Tracks, or Radicals with WTCC08 tracks.
    That way we can actually guage the interest, and the ones who vote are more than likely going to go on the servers.
  13. Yes... and No..

    YES - because it would be nice if what your racing in and in to at that time might be chosen so you would be happy...and play on it.

    NO - because by limiting the choice of cars and tracks through a vote, even if you add a modded track or car, you then limit the likelehood of people joining. If the casual server has only the unmodded content and no additional tracks then it opens it up to more people, because we ALL have the standard cars and tracks, regardless of wether we have been here for ages and have loads of mods and extra tracks or wether we have just joined and have NO extra content, which means we ALL can join anytime and vote through the tracks.
  14. I totally agree with you on the modded content. I bought the game and the official addons, theres plenty of tracks and cars, and keeping it all official tracks and cars allows more people to come which is what we want isnt it. Besides i'm on capped broadband to i have to pay if i go over my limit so i make a choice not to download mods myself aswell.

    For the track and car poll i was just thinking of the following basic selections:
    -WTCC08 Season
    -WTCC07 Season
    -WTCC06 Season
    -STCC Season
    -GTREvo Season (rotation of the 3 GTREvo Tracks)
    -Extras (a rotation of all the tracks in the extra tracks section (sim bin tracks only))

    For Cars:
    -WTCC/STCC all models
    -US Muscle
    -Production Cars

    Well its just a thought, correct me if im wrong but the servers rotate maps automatically so its possible to run all tracks from a season?

    Also, as theres 2 servers, could also maybe have a poll for each server, so that people could make a first choice on server 1 and a second favourite choice for server 2. Even more chance that if you dont get exactly what you want, you migt get your second choice.

    Of course tho, I'm sure the admins are busy enough as it is, and even if they agreed would require a bit of effort. Was just a thought.
  15. I understand Race On just came out, but not everyone adopts early (for various reasons)...so it would be nice to see a GTR Evo server/week every now and then.
  16. I'd love to 'race' casually. But, I find that two people can get their setups right/wrong (even by accident) enough that it's not clear whether they're really racing against each other. (A lot of people improve their laptimes even in Mini races by downloading someone else's setup)

    This is the primary reason why I am not interested in Race On just yet; I have too many cars and tracks to figure out as it is (stock or mod).
  17. I think that not using GTRE in this instance is not helping the casual server attendance at all.

    I fyou have GTRE then you only get a tiny bit of new material for your $.

    I am US guy and I can tell you flat out I have ZERO interest in racing US MUSCLE CARS. If you wanna put in a VETTE only section racing the C6 chassis or ZO6 then you'l see me in it but as of right now, maaaah not worth the $ as best I can tell.

    I'll just hit some of the public servers and adjust my expect tations to get my "quick hitter" in outside of other scheduled RD events.

    PErsonally I'd like to see them split the 2 casual servers between GTRE and Race ON and see what gets more play.
  18. It would be better, resources allowing, to have one new content and one older content. :)
  19. Agreed. I really don't see why Formula Master has to have it's own server...I'm sure it's fun and all, but changing classes for Race On owners on 1 server would be ideal. Then use the other server for GTR Evo classes/owners.