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RBR Tracks, how to?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Howie2010, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Ok guys, Im new here, so be gentle ;)

    Ive downloaded some tracks but im not sure if im putting them in the right place?

    They have RX_content and Plugins Folders, which I am unzipping to my RBR folder. Inside some of them are dlls and plugin folders while others contain Objects, CACHE, FX, Textures and .ini files. (are these BTB files and not compiled to play directly in RBR yet?)

    How do I play tracks that Ive downloaded?
    Am I right in understanding all those cool czech tracks cannot be run in single player and are only for tournaments? :(

    Is there a page or somewhere I can read the ins and outs of modding and using mods correctly?

    Any help for a newbie is appreciated!

  2. I think you did nothing wrong, just go ingame into the folder "plugins"-->choose "rx_plugin" and choose the stage to drive on!
  3. ok cheers! got it working, kinda.

    4 tracks installed in the RX content folder are found when i run RBR, but some are not... they all have the usual folders and .ini files, so why would 4 but not all appear?
  4. ok now ive finally gotten RBR2010 working! woohoo thanks guys thats awesome!

    only problem is, the BTB tracks says BTBStages File Absent... do i need to put them somwhere else? I thought they came with RBR2010 now?