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Random engine failure

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by function9, May 17, 2013.

  1. This is just down right annoying now. 5 perfectly clean runs through newbobs with the 207_2000 ends every time around the 9km mark, the engine just dies. I've taken no damage, had no offs, nothing. I even have the headgasketdurability in the fixup plugin set to 10. I've had this happen before on some of the longer stages, but never with this frequency.

    This is in offline mode with RSRBR 2012, 207_s2000, realistic damage, default setup other than brakes and steering.
  2. Are you over-revving it for too long?
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  3. The fist time I admit I was haha. But, on the successive runs, I did back off on the couple parts, guess not enough. Strange thing is I'm driving no different than I have on previous days, that's kinda what threw me off about this. Before I gave up, it was about a dozen times I'd get around 8.8-9.2 km finished and boom, every time. Thanks for the tip, time to take another crack at it.

    Is the head gasket setting only work if you're running a [online] rally? Whether it was at 0, 1, 2, or 10, I didn't notice a difference.
  4. I don't know.
    I've never had any issues with blown head gaskets. :unsure:
  5. I guess it's something I'm doing, but I can't tell. It's frustrating. I'm still unsure how to make videos, I have the fraps part down, I just don't know how to convert it to something manageable for youtube without losing a lot of quality.

    So if anyone would be so kind as to check out these replays:

    The "207 newbobs 5.13.44" (please excuse the couple mistakes :redface:) was a few days ago, the last time I was able to finish the stage. This is how I've always driven it and aside from once or twice in the past, I never had a problem with engine failures until yesterday. Newbobs1 and newbobs2 are from yesterday and today with engine failure. I've watched the 3 and others, and just can't see any differences as to why I'm having this epic problem all of a sudden.

    Really appreciate the help.
  6. Have you ever tried to check if it actually is the head gasket ?

    Pacenote plugin has a damage indicator dialog which should show at least some details of the damage (third column in the damage window).
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  7. Un-friggin-believeable. So I just load up RSRBR and do a couple runs through Newbobs. Two consecutive runs I finish with no problems (bested the 5.13.44 by 4 sec). I don't get how it, whatever the problem is, can be this random. :confused:
    Thank you very much for mentioning that plugin. The damage indicator alone is an awesome tool, as well as the rest of the plugin. Great work!

    For replays it only showed tyre wear. And as stated above, I couldn't recreate the problem even though I was driving the same. The blown head gasket is the only thing I've come across (in my limited time playing this so far) that is seemingly random. In the original game I had it happen a couple times during an offline rally season. And that was the only damage to the car. At least now I'll be able to see what actually does get damaged when this happens again.
  8. Well, unfortunately RBR does not record all events and damages in the replay correctly.
    If you lose a door, or generally speaking, a hinged body part, it will still be attached to the car in the replay, if watched from a saved replay.
    This does not seem to be the case when watching the replay instantly after driving, as far as I remember.

    So, no way for the damage indicator to work accurately in replay mode.

    And yes, the damage actually is random, more or less.

    Maybe RSRBR disables FixUp's head gasket fix, otherwise I couldn't imagine that you'd still have such damage when setting the durability to 10.
    The head gasket seems to get the most damage when driving uphill with high revs, e.g. Noiker is crucial.
    Try driving the stage bypassing RSRBR to check if the fix is active, the FixUp plugin page shows the state of the applied patches.
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  9. I stand corrected then and it's not the head gasket. To test I changed the durability to 0 and ran the stage from the original game and the 03 Subaru. I got about 5-6km into the stage and the gasket went. I then set it to 2 and retried and didn't have a problem in the stage. Running the stage/car through RSRBR didn't matter what the durability was set to. Didn't affect it at all, at least the 3 runs I did.

    So, I went back to the 207 to see if it would happen again and it did, both times.
    These are from the actual runs, not replays. The battery indicator never came on until after it stalled, same with the water temp. The battery was also not listed in the damage indicator until after it stalled. Other than that, nothing is listed as being [critically] damaged. One thing I hadn't noticed previously is that if I sat for about 30sec-1min, the car will start and I was able to go a bit farther but it died again.

    I did have a question about the plugin, when I toggle it (double-click left mouse button), the engine sound and sound fx are muted. Tire sound and pace notes are still present. Is this a feature to give priority to the pace notes or is there a setting I need to change?
  10. Obviously the engine is overheating.
    Such a high temperature (near 140 deg.) over a long time "blocks" the engine.

    This is due to the engine parameters in the car's physics file.
    I have this issue from time to time when testing the RWD on the rally yard with very low speeds and high revs (no turbo).
    Basically the built-in cooling system of RBR can not deal with the pimped engine parameters of some add-on cars.
    The standard naturally aspirated engine has not enough torque to simulate an S2000 car, so the modders used a nasty trick to deal with that.

    Never had this sound issue. The sounds should only be muted when pausing the replay.
    Seems quite weird to me.
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  11. Remove eq_mix.dll from the Plugins folder.
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  12. Thanks porridge, I forgot about that.

    I remember we had some issues with that thingy.
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  13. Ah, I see now. I thought the overheating was happening after the fact. As the temp is normal during the stage up until it stalls. But after rewatching the replay, the temp does spike up a little a split second before it stalls and keeps climbing. I hadn't noticed it (the spike) before.

    Do you know if the game takes into account air intake blockage by things like snow/vegetation? The only other stages I've had this happen with (and nowhere near as many times as this) is on Sikakama (Finland) and Noiker (Japan). And the times it did happen I just put it off as I went off too many times and the game somehow calculated the air intake would be blocked.

    Thanks you for taking the time to help me out, very helpful and informative.
    Awesome, that did it! Thank you!
  14. Yes and no.

    This would require the car to memorize the stuff collected during the stage, like leafs, birds, spectators etc., which RBR for sure does not. ;)

    It is simply a matter of the strain applied to the engine.
  15. Have the same problem with Mini WRC. Last night i try to finish Sikakama about 40 times and never reach to 2.split. Engine dies and after that temperature start to increase. Like function9 said, no matter is fixup set 1 or 10. Run it at reduce damage also, same thing. Is there something else to do?