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Racer v0.8.18

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Mr Whippy, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. http://www.racer.nl/download/racer0.8.18.zip

    Ruud didn't do an official thread for this, but he did post up the link on here somewhere, so I guess he is happy for us to use/test it if we like!

    Anyway, I'm using it and there are some useful changes, and also some bugs I wanted to note.

    Release notes:

    v0.8.18 (20-08-10)
    - The Lobbyserver wasn't updated to use the new ENet version, so older version could connect
    but were refused, and newer versions couldn't connect. Fixed.
    - Autoexposure formula revised to exposure=gradient/luminance+offset. Thanks to Colin Pan.
    It's much better but somehow the scene luminance doesn't seem to be calculated correctly
    for non-power-of-two resolutions (glGenerateMipmap).
    - Added a 'loading' or 'busy' indicator (data/images/loading_*.tga and the loading.indicator_pos setting)
    - Rain was invisible in bright times of the day
    - Some particles were dark as a result of the switch to klux lighting
    - Tonemapping (in hdr.cg) used a 0.1 factor - removed that and for auto_exposure this means
    gradient should be set to ~1.0 instead of ~10.0 (exposure=1/luminance).
    - Added special.ini parameters under 'sun': azimuth_offset (rotation wrt North),
    year, day, month, latitude, longitude and timezone. The sun XYZ TOD curves disappeared.
    See also http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/newtrack.htm#sun
    - Added 'sun azimuth <x>' command to change north angle live.
  2. Anyway, a few bugs with it.

    I seem to find that my SMD cameras resting points are moving depending on where the car warps into existence.

    Ie, if I reset to grid at one end of my 2mile long runway, then my camera is about 20cm to the left and 20cm upwards in the car, head in between the seats... and if I reset at the other end (pits position), then it is about 20cm to the right, hanging out of the drivers window haha!
    This problem seems to be a little inconsistent, on another track the same car seems ok at the origin spawn point, but at one 5 miles away the camera just seems to be about 10cm further back in the car.

    Lets hope this is Ruud/team looking at the origin issue for SMD cameras to make them smooth in all locations :)
  3. This might very well be related to the P9 bug, which according to Ruud, is almost impossible to fix. Floating point calculation errors, ugh :S
  4. mmm cant play cg anymore:( Since 0.8.15 I could play it with a modified racer.ini. At least carlswood with my sls. But now it won't work. all i got is a white screen with a very white car. Thats cause of my poor graphic card again? or is it cause of the racer.ini tweaking?

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  5. Does this happen with a fresh Racer install with default car and track too?
  6. with the original racer.ini standard car and track it says my card is not good enough, with modified ini it's the same as the pic
  7. I get the same. Playing with TOD helps a little, but it looks really bad.
    Also, this happened after 0.8.15. Image here if interested.
  8. changed from 0.8.8

    i get an error when exiting the race and racer crashes

    also the sky texture doesn't show on any track :/
  9. Auto-exposure correction makes TOD useless. Setting the time to 0200 makes the sun go away, but then auto-exposure lights everything back up again.
  10. Go to the track folder and open special.ini, set sun.intensity to 1 or something around that value.
    That should fix it :)
  11. This did it.. sky.exposure=0.5, sun.intensity=0.1, also remove time=xxxx since it overrides sun.
    But.. as soon as you change the time, *bam*, problem resurfaces (since it obviously overrides).
    So.. TOD is dead?

      ; Sky exposure
      ; Day time (overrules sun if specified)
      ; Sun location (XYZ); it is a direction so the distance doesn't really matter
      sun=-93 24 -26
        ; North angle offset in degrees
        ; Flare?
        ; Sky Cg shaders
    	; Dusk
        diffuse=1.5 1 0.6
        ambient=0.7 0.7 0.8
        specular=1 1 1
        ; No global light anymore (obsolete)
        ;global=0.1 0.1 0.1 1
  12. TOD is fine.
    Did you try a completely fresh install?
    If so, what files are you modifying to get CG to work, seems you're taking out a file that scales the HDR.
    Mind posting a list of what you've changed?
  13. Yes, fresh install. INI here: http://folk.uio.no/lukeb/racer/racer0818.ini

    EDIT: adding fbo=1 fixed the problem! Thanks camsinny :)
  14. Yep it'll be the racer.ini you are using for setting things up.

    I'm guessing that exposure control was turned off, or the scaling was also 10x higher in the past, so the values for that may have changed in the exposure control part of racer.ini


  15. Thank Mitch and Luthobu:) Works fine now with a small fps increase. I got even up to 10fps with hdr enable using luthobu's ini.

    Camera key 6 and 8 aren't working since version 0.8.12 or so.
  16. Quick Race doesn't work for me in this version
  17. ver0818.jpg ver0818-1.jpg
    Got purple when cycle thru 24 hrs, then set racer.ini to the way I like it and got all white screen/car.
    I went thru just about everything and then tried edit tod and moving the settings to try to get something half way decent.
    Suceeded with the attached files, but the sky won't co-operate no matter what I try. The curves were all set as low as possible then adjusted to get the attached pix.
    Would appreciate one of the guru types taking a look and giving me some good pointers, thank you.

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  18. 0.8.18 gives me exactly the same results. Maybe it something to do with the new kilolux system for lighting. Don,t have time to investigate though.
  19. From what I can see it looks like the diffuse,ambient and specular are still being calculated on the
    old system or not at all. If I lower my diffuse on a car to .001 .001 .001 it will appear fairly normal
    there is no control over ambient or specular though.

    Alex Forbin
  20. The curve values just do not have enough range! They have to be set quite low as I have done working with my SNS track wher I got the sky to co-operate by setting values for some of the curves at about 0.01 for the day time.

    It also appears that the sun position built-in curves are a bit off and affect the lighting, working on it...