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Racer DOF exporter plugin for 3DS Max

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by Some1, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. There was a thread in RSC about my DOF exporter plugin for 3DS Max. I recently did some work on the plugin and improved a few things, so I decided to release a new version as well as create a new thread.

    – General code refactoring and small optimizations
    – Fixed some UI bugs, where sometimes the plugin thinks user canceled the operation right
    after export was clicked.
    – It is now possible to cancel the current export process.
    – Plugin verified to work in 3DS MAX 2010 32-bit under Windows 7 64-bit

    – Fixed bug: 64-bit Max2010 version exported a bad DOF where the material names were messed up
    – Fixed a few minor bugs.
    – Improved the exporter dialog progress bars to increment progress more precisely

    Version 0.4 - includes 32-bit versions for Max7, Max8, Max9, Max2010 and 64-bit version for Max2010.

    (Feel free to post mirrors, if Mediafire doesn't cut it for you)

    EDIT: 08-01-2014 -- Updated download link
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2014
  2. Additionally, what kind of features would you like to see in the Plugin in the future, besides being lightning-fast? :p
  3. GMAX support would be nice.. it is basically a stripped down version of MAX v.4.0..
  4. Is GMAX so much different from regular MAX that just dropping the dofexp.dlu to the stdplugs folder doesn't work?
  5. I tried with all the dlu's in your release. Both in "plugins" and "stdplugs".
    They all died with a "Failed to initialize"..

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  6. Okay then, if I'm able to get GMAX (which version btw?), I might take a look at it...
  7. Just tested in XP in Max 2010, and it appears to be working ok here with a quick test.

    Will do a more thorough test tomorrow but so far so good!

    I've been developing my track in Max 9 just for this tool, so glad it's updated to 2010 now, can start doing some work at lunch times at work to speed up finishing it off :D

    Many thanks Some1!

  8. all i can say is thankyou, this update works great, in respect to exporting, it however doesnt export textures (if you have used gmt import)...thats the gmt import script fault, not sure why....

    but thanks for your hard work and efforts in this thing...it works great
  9. I don't think I can make this thing work for GMax. It looks like there is no easy way to create additional plugins for it.

  10. Thanks for trying :)
  11. I'd just 'get' 3DS Max elsewhere.

    It's well worth learning how to use, and then buy it if you ever do commercial work with it, or get a job using it :D

  12. errm, (insert disclaimer here) for the post above,

    you can get a demo version of this app and then at least you can try it for 30 days just my 2 bits worth
  13. Of course MAX is the best there is (I tried a 60 day(!) demo, and loved it).
    But there are lots of freely available 3D apps, so there is, IMNSHO, no need
    to "get" it, but thanks anyway.. ;)

    Below is the list of freeware 3D apps that I have posted at the bottom of
    my Racer pages (http://alge.anart.no/projects/racer/):

    DeleD - free, open source - Very promising!
    Blender - free, open source
    Art of Illusion - free, open source
    Wings3D - subdivision modeler
    4D Blue - modeling, animation, and rendering suite
    Zmodeler - free version
    TrueSpace - free version
    GMAX - free version (req. reg.)
  14. Just tried it in Max2010 here for a full export and it's working fine!

    Nice work Some1!
  15. 2011 works fine as well. as i said, it doesnt like gmt's as in, i use a gmt import script to import some of my cars i'm working on, for some reason it dumps the textures when i export not sure why...but no matter

    dof export works great otherwise
  16. Make sure you're using standard mats or at least a different renderer's version of the standard mat. It might confuse the exporter.
  17. Is it possible to make it run on 3ds max 2009?
  18. The download contains the plugin for Max2009 (max9 folder), so it should be possible.
    Have you tried?
  19. I have tried and it says "DLL <D:\3DS MAX\stdplugs\dofexp.dlu> is not made for this version of the program - not loading". I thought that max9 is not the same that max 2009. I also tried to put dofexp.dlu from max8 and max2010 folders and max showed the same error in both cases.