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RaceDepartment RDiR Indy 500 Event

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, May 18, 2011.

  1. Drivers have been making their final preparations this week, the anticipation and excitement is building as this weekend the RaceDepartment iRacing club runs its Indy 500 event. Its been a busy few weeks for drivers at RaceDepartment.com as our Star Mazda series runs into its final three races and last week we ran our first night event at Sebring in the Riley MkXX Daytona Prototype. This week our drivers prepare for the marathon that is the Indy 500 and to help with that preparation we have two official practice sessions set to run tonight in EU and US friendly timezones. We'll be getting together to try out those last final tweaks to setup's and compare our times with our fellow competitors for what will be an exciting event. The EU practice session will start at 18:00 GMT through till 22:00 GMT and the US practice session at 16:00 PST through till 20:00 PST.

    As previously mentioned, the Star Mazda Series has just a few races left to run but we extend an invite to come and join us for what has been a thrilling series with the the championship still very much open. Next month we have two additional standalone events, the Mustang Challenge at Road Atlanta and following on from our last very popular F1 event in April we'll be taking the Williams F1 to Silverstone. Details on that event will be released soon along with details of other events including a trip to Okayama in the very popular Mazda MX-5 and our first NASCAR oval race.

    Our races are open to drivers of all skill levels so why not come and join us for an event soon.
  2. Great information! I am curious new to iRacing but having picked up Indy and the Indy Car. Its my home track I couldnt resist really could I? haha
    I am wondering what kind of times on average are you all running at Indy? I am trying to determine if I would be competitive enough to possibly give this a go or if I would be a rolling chicane.

    Just dont want to get in the way so let me know what kind of times would be at least on pace with the field here.

    Thanks all again for the warm welcome.
  3. Practice is live now with lap times ranging from 39.858 to 40.088 but with a full fuel load that lap time rises to mid 40's. You're more than welcome to come and join us, don't be too concerned with your lap time as long as you can run clean laps you're good to go
  4. As you're a licensed member why not jump into either the EU or US practice server and see how it goes, I'll post up a setup in game if you don't have one
  5. Great I might try and do that here if I can get done with work stuff before it ends.
    I just got the car last night for the first time and running 44s but not sure on fuel load. I will check to see if you session is still up when I can get in there.

  6. Hitting 26.5** with a good breeze.


    Apologies..... obviously a telemetry glitch, seeing as a live a good few thousand miles from the iRacing servers, lol.


    Seriously..... have a setup that has given me 39.7** in offline practice (unaided with no drafting) but this is with only about 5 laps of fule on board. Whilst this would be good for qualifying, I would need more fuel on board to be able to run the race, lol. I haven't got any times with a race fuel load.

    Sorry I couldn't make the EUR online hosted session tonight, as was still at work when the session got underway, then me and a few others decided as the weather was decent we would head off to the local boozer for a few rounds of the finest ale, lol.

    That said, I will deffo be in attendance on Sunday, unless my ISP caves in or I'm abducted by little green men.

  7. Todd,

    No matter how fast or slow you may be, I'm sure I speak for all the RD iRacers in saying you are most welcome to join our Club/League races, if you feel so inclined.

    In my time here @ Race Department, this is not the sort of racing club to frown upon anyone, if they can't run 'alien' lap times. It's all about the taking part, having fun and meeting new racing friends.

    I only wish I would have stumbled across RD sooner than I did. Great site, great community and from the iRacing events that have been hosted, I've made a great bunch of new racing buddies.

  8. Thank you Daz! That is great to hear and from the welcome I have gotten so far it sure seems correct.
    I look forward to racing with all of you and making some new friends along the way!
  9. Daz is absolutely right. I rarely, I mean rarely, come close to the fast guys times. But that doesn't matter because the group here is of all skill levels but friendly all the way through. Always willing to help and offer up setups and advice. Can't think of a better group of racers to hang with.
  10. Awesome! I just got back on and realized you had another practice server up. I will pop in here in a short bit.
  11. Thanks all for the help tonight. The setup was great and took be down from a 44 to a 40.
    I really cant say enough about how helpful everyone here is. I look forward to hanging around here more often for sure.
  12. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I was pretty tired after work and a long drive home but I was glad to have joined for a significant amount of laps. Was nice to do some online practice with you guys.

    Still quite a lot of the pace though compared to the top positions but we still have four days to go :) Going to be massive