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race start

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by natko5, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. ok, let's be honest. do you restart race just to get where you wanted to be in first lap?

    i mean, i restart race sooo many times, before i know i done everything possible to get as further as i can at the start...
  2. yep i do, i cheat like a mofo lool.
    But if i am in second or third i let it be and pick up the pace, if i can.
    I dont like pole and being in the lead all the race long, i wanna fight sum.
    But yea, I will be doing a season like real, within the time frames: practising hard..qualy and then ONE chance in a race...see where that takes me.
    24th probably LOL!
  3. Yes, I restart but only if I get punted off in the 1st turn & have alot of damage. Otherwise it's P24 & try to make some passes. J
  4. And the start is very strange, need to find a way to not be overpassed by a lot of cars, is there a good tip how to do a good start?
  5. I never restart, what's the point?

    I'll use the flashbacks if I spin off, because when you're only racing 20% spinning will cost you several positions. However I don't restart or use the flashbacks purely because I've got off to a bad start. Seems a bit pointless.

    I'm still looking for tips on getting a good getaway. I've searched through google but found nothing. I try revving the car up slowly when the first red light appears, then going as fast as possible (holding down the trigger all the way / putting the foot down) when the lights go out, and that does OK, but nothing faster. I often gain positions on the first corner though.