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Race #7, Germany: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. First of all grats to Twister Eduard and Petar :) .

    Rear wing damaged in early stages, the car was so unstable.
    3 stops, last stint was very intense as I was moving up the field and was trying to get Ville and some other guys too.
    3 corners to go. Ville span and I gained 9th position, very good result for me and the team, but we could've done better...
    Looking forward to next race ! :)

  3. Lost engine.. :<
  4. Olli Pahkala:

    Third race for me in rF and FSR. I didn't read the rules precise enough and drove Q2 with hard tires =D
    Then start was quite fun, lost a lot of positions, propably cause some of you guys had a bit different strategy to race. Then I moved up the field to P6, pitted a bit early so I got fresh tires and overtook Lawal and de Jong while they pitted. After guys pitted and came to pit exit behind me, my left rear brake failed and toooo theee waaaallll! Better luck and brake settings next time =D
  5. Incredibly tough race. I had huge understeer at the start of the race. My times were woeful and I just could not get on top of it.

    Pitted for first time and things seem to improve. Pleased with 7th but again, striving for more.
  6. Hard race for me because I had not a long time to train. In Q I did not a good lap and I qualified 17th. The start was very good, going back to the 11th, however I do not know if I was the only one but had much lag at the beginning.

    Then I had several small mistakes during the race, but in any case P10 and very happy with the result in a circuit that I'm no good at all. Congratulations to Edu for his victory and podium!
  7. no comment....connectionlost...****..

    Congrats Eduard,Petar and Muhammed ! :)
  8. Fair race, fun to go from 26th to 5th in a few laps but not fun to see people intentionally cutting tracks and most certainly not if its your home gp right mister rowland? Building up some respect with the driversAAAAANDD its gone. really poor.
  9. before people point fingers to me for false accusations race replay 91:55 rowland hf
  10. I ran wide over the chicane? What's your problem?

  11. Very unfortunate for you, as well as for Rob. I presume you were on hards at the end, would have been interesting to see if you would hang on to P2/3
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  12. i think yes,i am very dissapointed :/
  13. Yup, dont know what to say! :(