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Race #17, Brazil: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules :).
  2. De Wit is unnormal driver, really , i dont have words.....
  3. Thank you Mr. De Wit............ oh by the way, thank you also FSR, for doing this stupid slpistream, that what happens... A year to forget for FSR if you ask me. I am so sorry Bruno, it was your race.
  4. A real shame what happened :(
  5. Fantastic race for me!!! I fight with WC and WS drivers and I fight (maybe) for the top 10 or very near. But too bad because I stalled the car when in my pitstop, I'm too stupid xD
    Anyway fantastic battles, especially with Patel ;)
  6. i am really sorry Bruno!!
    Both our races ended

    I am really sorry
    i accept every penalty...
    So sorry Bruno for the both of us we both were really fast
  7. I totaly disagree with you David, you are only saying that because you didnt liked the mod,.. same as all previous years lol. Everytime there is something that you dont like and everytime its others to blame for, i never realy said something about this but now i have to because im getting anoyed by you. In my opinion this is the best mod to date we have used for rfactor, its driveable and it provides enough action on track strategic wise and interesting races for the broadcast vieuwers compared to the boring train racing F1 wagons we have these days. As for you, if you realy dislike the mod and things in FSR you better search for a new challenge and motivation. Enough said.

    Great job Dennis getting 2nd well done and Marco and Eduard to!.
  8. Well, maybe you are right in some things Mark, but David said one thing that is truth, this slipstream is just pathetic ...
  9. It´s too much, yes, but it makes for interesting races and can be used well for strategy, just some people can´t handle a good tow like seen in lap 2 today.
  10. well Mark, the drivers that will test the autogp will tell you why this mod is crap... ye wont be f1, but u dont need an f1 to understand why the mod is crap... but i was talking about the slipstream, doesnt mean anything if i like or not the mod. Is a very bad slipstream, in a normal mod with normal slipstream, we wouldn't have seen the crash we have seen today, and Bruno would have disappeard in the distance and waited for the second to finish with the champagne in his hands already... thats what i meant.. discussion over for me.
  11. Disley didn't get a good start, and I had to lift to avoid him. It put me to last unfortunately.
    Then was in a battle with Saxen, Mallourqui, Nillson and Disley. Basically went on and on. The others around me bar Mallourqui were 2 stopping, and when I pitted I came out behind Nillson. Luckily I was able to pass him immediately but I wasn't able to close in a lot to Kerkhof and Saxen. After they pitted I was P8. I didn't defend against Atze knowing his straight line speed was too high, but I put up a fight against Saxen whom got me after a while.
    Then Disley did an amazing move on T1. Similar to one of the Button 2009 ones. I carried on dropping down till I went to P12. Would have ended there but a puncture on the last lap put me to P13.

    Quite surprised that I ended P13. At one stage I was P6, and I was unable to keep anyone behind me for periods of time really. Ah well..
  12. Indeed Ondrej. The move Eduard did on Bono was well...Terrible. He punted Bono like 2 times and how Bono ended up third after that is amazing. Hats off to him on having a mega drive from the pits to P3. Also congratulations to Precision for the 1 and 3.
  13. i agree with david greco on this one.. things do need looking at.. i didnt race here as i just could not be bothered to be honest ! plus i dont feel well..

    The mod is good.. if it suits you.. if it dont your stuck.. but to create a neutral mod is hard.. but we need proffesional mod makers for sure.. or something... i dunno i guess there will always be complaints as such. if people started listning we could realy move forwards but lets hope r factor 2 sorts it all out !
  14. Of course, people should give their positions to Precision and Twister cars. He was just defending his place, if Bono went off the track is because he did a small mistake. Eduard did a pretty solid race, as for example Patel, another guy who was recently in WT. Yes, they might be slower but they were racing clean.

    Don't underestimate the skills of somebody only just because he is racing in a lower division, because maybe some of those guys spending more time every day may be faster than some WC guys.

    And what De Wit did is another history.
  15. You don't want to see racing, you want to see your car win.

    Ok, when I see Bono Huis I'm going to grass because I can't defend my position, it's fair...
  16. I don't like the mod at all either but doesn't mean it's horrible, in fact most teams/drivers were very happy with it at start of season. Later on some flaws have emerged but that has happened each season. For the past four years we have altered between using league physics or mod group physics, both had flaws.
    In 2007 we used only slightly modified CTDP 05, a year later pretty much custom made physics, 2009 again CTDP spec physics and this year custom made. In terms of lap times and top speeds this mod is more accurate than the previous ones we have used, but that's only one side. Maybe we shouldn't focus on lap times in the mod but rather make it good to drive, since anyhow rFactor lap times are almost always quicker than in the real world.

    Regarding my race:

  17. Obvisiouly we have different opinion, you prefer boring races thats no problem. Mine point is that a normal slipstream will cause much more of those do or die actions like we have seen last year wich have been much less this year thats how i look at it. For me i dont i dont mind whether its realistic or not, in my opinion this slipstream efect (you also have to take in mind the boost setting and wing setting ofcourse) will make it easyer for drivers to make a proper pass instead of getting in those half half situations. Unfortunatly there are always a few drivers that cant handle it but thats a different discussion.

    As for the realisme part, well you dont have to tell me how crap this mod is what matters for me is the fun factor and close racing on track and thats giving me joy this year for the first time in the past 5 years with the rFactor engine. I know its not real, if i want to get the real feel i go out on track with a car or kart or whatever and have some fun, anyone should know that a simulator like this will never be 100% real you dont have to tell me that.
  18. well at FSR fun factor always came second to realism, so i dunno what u are talking about, anyway, have a good evening/night
  19. Come on Mark, you can be faster with boost 1 + slipstream than a guy with same wings/gearing + boost 10 lol. And also you can save a lot of engine and fuel.

    Slipstream is bad. But now it's too late, this kind of things must be fixed before the season starts, and we must be used to that.
  20. No, you can't. You're almost as fast, but not as fast and of course not faster.
    In today's race I did have to work quite a bit follwing Atze even in the slipstream, boosting as usual, and I think he had the same wings.
    I agree the slipstream effect is overdone, but it was all done in the winter and David (Greco) was very much involved building the Mod and he thought it was great.

    As I said earlier though, opinions can change as soon as you don't win races. :)