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Race #15, Brazil: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Disappointing race from what was a promising weekend.. I made an error into turn 1.. Swiched to Neutral and then clicked reverse to downshift for the corner.. this sent me spiraling off the road.. I had to pit that lap anyway, I was then very comfortable in my position.. I picked up more fuel for a longer stint towards the end and was having a great battle when my engine started to smoke then BAM.. Disappointing day.. Anyway See you next year!
  3. Qualifying: 13th :) Best quali this season so was happy with that

    Race: 14th :thumbsdown: Last week I would have been happy, but this week not too happy!

    Start of the race went well, I gained a position on T1 and sat behind de Jong for the first lap until the final corner. Danny was along side me, I was focussing on where his tyres were along side my car so we didn't crashed, and i completely missed how close we were to the corner, de Jong braked, I tapped the rear of him and spun. Down to 19th.

    Made my way past a few, pitted for softs, 11 laps later pitted for mediums (worst choice ever) and lost loads of positions for 21 laps. Then my last pit stop i put softs on, had a battle with Joona and Paul for the rest of the race.

    My strategy was terrible, maybe with a better strategy I could have been P10/11 :) I gained more experience in the races since Hungary. I qualified for Grid 1 and completed every race for points (apart from Valencia as my pc crashed). This race was the most exciting for me for fun, as I actually have the confidence and speed to overtake people and battle with them now! Next season, top8 is my aim! :thumbsup:

    Anyway, now to team search for 2013! :D (If anyone wants me!)
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  4. Sorry Chris for pushing you off the track at T2, that's why i didnt defend my position heading towards T4.

    Daniel Kiss
  5. Frustating race, couldnt get pass Csuti in the early laps and then made a mistake and spun off wich sacrificed my race badly. Somehow i managed to recover from that and being on a 3 stop strategy i knew it would be a hard race to get back just in a podium position. Got lucky here and there and my 3th stint i managed to realy close down the gap with Csuti but then for final stint i already noticed that my engine was critical so i couldnt push at all wich was a realy shame. I tried to still close it down with more or less cruising mode and shifting in 16k rmp rang:cry: and then in final 2 laps hoping that i could make a atempt to apss but at the final laps my engine was gone and front straight it was burning so i guess i should be happy with p3 this race,... but lost p3 in championship standing.:O_o: 1 click more radiator would have made a different story and mayby an even more exiting finish then in Korea. Just happy that the season is over now.

    Happy that Ville won the race so a good result afteral, but 1-2 would have been even better.:D
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  6. P6: Probably best possible result. After last pitstop I really started to push as much as I could to catch Tusting. Was expecting some good fight in the final laps but his engine blew up so no battle :/ Had clean air almost for the whole race and no mistakes so this definitely was the maximum today.

    The tyres lasted better than I expected so I stayed out for a little longer than I planned in first stints.

    Mikko Suokas
  7. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    A dramatic last race for me in FSR.

    First I qualify 18th which is one of the worst starting positions I've ever had. Then I hit Milan in the opening lap because he spun in front of me. Couldn't dodge it. It costed me an extra pit stop to get a new front wing.

    The race itself was VERY clean, I didn't spin off at any point, just 2 or 3 drifts in T1. Was happy to maintain a clean drive.

    Somewhere during the race the 1st lap incident happens again, with Theodoros spinning in front of me, resulting in a collision and another visit in the pits.

    My race pace was quite awful, every lap being higher than 1:11. This might be because of the 1st lap incident, where I gained permament damage to the car.

    I dropped to the back of the list after the first lap, but was happy to struggle 16th to the chequered flag. This was my cleanest race ever, although I was disappointed with WT's typical atmosphere.

    So, it's time for me to say farewell, adios and sayonara to all of you. I've decided to leave FSR and start a new season in GPVWC next year. Here's the reasons why I leave:
    • FSR eats up my time
    • Fed up with WT's atmosphere
    • The fact that I can't fight even in top 10;
    • I'm hungry for the taste of success.
    • Fed up with all that retiring. Brazil was my 3rd race to finish.
    Thank you all for the great season, and I hope I'll see you around in the FSR practice server, as I serve as the test driver for Sisu GP next year in FSR. Thanks and CU :)
  8. Q: 14th. Could have been top10 with a decent lap.

    R: Was taking it very safely at the start and even lost 2 positions. Moved up to 12th by the end of 1st lap. After that I was racing mainly with Tusting, de Jong and Kiss. Had a very clean race with no mistakes and finished 7th.

    Pretty good debut season for me, finished 11 of 14 races and 7 of them in top10.

    I want to thank Chris Knight for giving me the opportunity to race in FSR WT.

    Eduard Kõre
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  9. A great season for me is terminated.

    The race was good. Had again a good start and was after some laps 2nd but was struggling in the first stint so i didn't drove away from Rens or came near to Csuti and then Rens passed me. I was doing a no mistake race till i had a double shift after the second straight wich cost me around 5 seconds. After that I was behind Rens, but he did a mistake too. Finish the race in 4, for me the maximum and i'm happy with it.

    6 in overall after a turbo in the last races is a great result for me.

    See ya next year ;)
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  10. Q2 lap was way too safe and therefore lost pole.

    Race started well, i had a better start then zoltan in t1 but i couldnt get by him we fought all the way to the fast right hander on s2 where i tried to go around the outside of zoltan but i didnt have as much grip then i expected and just ran slightly wide on the grass and lost multiple positions. I knew i was going to get by a lot of people since i was stopping one less time so i didnt push too much to challenge people in front. Couple of cars spun in front and i gained some places. After first pitstop i think i came out behind Mark and was just trying to keep up with him and hoping that he and Zoltan would start fighting.. In the end i just kept grinding the laps and catching Zoltan and when i finally catched him i realized that it wouldnt be that easy since i had quite a bit higher wings then him. I had quite a few good runs on main straight and on the s1 straight but just couldnt get by him until i finally got side by side with him in t1, was turning in to the t2 when i noticed that zoltan ran right in to me and spun off. Thats when i knew that all i had to do was just keep it together and drive to finish. I kept my eyes on Mark who was gaining on zoltan lap by lap but sadly he couldnt get by him.. :(

    Thats the WT season in the bag, better season then i expected from me but still a bit disappointed that i couldnt really challenge Petar in drivers champs, I just missed too much races. Thanks to everyone who i have driven against this season was fun and see ya next season! ;)
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  11. if you are going up to World Series 451 Motorsports is available for recruiting drivers
  12. Qualify was not that good for me at all - 18 on the grid, but I was very careful on the start and first 2-3 laps after. I knew everyone was a little over the limit because of this was last race and everyone wanted a good classifying in the end, so I decided to be more careful and let the others fight around me for the first few laps. I was with 2 stops strategy because I knew I will be held from other guys anyway so I was suppose to have advantage in the final phase of the race. And that's how it happened.
    So I started 18-th and finished 9-th without any significant issues during the race.
    Unfortunately because of my lifestyle I don't have enough time to practice but do the best I can when ever I can. Usually the Q are not my strongest side but during races my performance is much better and that's what is more important. So looking forward for the next season where I still don't know where exactly I will drive.
  13. When will the Broadcast be uploaded?
  14. I hope soon..
  15. small drift from the race
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  16. haha, awesome drift :)
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  17. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    I might upload a short video of my past FSR career :)
  18. These two clips sum up my race.

    http://www.twitch.tv/utanishu/c/1723128 - Mr. Wendt was weaving around earlier as I tried to pass him and here he breaks far too late into t1, locks up and runs wide into the grass, then into t2 he decides to take half of my sidepod with him. Really?

    http://www.twitch.tv/utanishu/c/1723127 - This was fun and why I like to race :D

    Being 25th into turn2 didn't help me here, but I climbed up to a 12th and had plenty of action going on - some not as fair or fun as one would like but still it sure didn't get boring. Sector 2 is frustrating when you can go much faster than anyone in front of you and I lost a few battles as I was caught off guard.

    Thanks to everyone, especially GhostSpeed guys - a pleasure as per usual!
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  19. Sorry for the contact.. I thought that I was further to the left on the track I didn't realise that there was so little space and secondary contact was me getting greedy.. Sorry for this :(
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