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Race #14, Japan: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Nice drive Morgan :D
  3. "Q: No Q due to late allocation although was lacking Q pace anyway so would have started in the backfield afteral.

    R: Got a good start and slowly climbed my way up the field some by driving and some by mistakes from other drivers. Some great fight with Jim for some laps with a few times changing positions and side by side action with some respect. Great racing there, now after 3 years taking part in a WC race again i didnt expected points would be possilbe but mayby im underestimating myself, although in the end i still finished a minute down on the leaders wich is a lot.

    Made my debut in WC for Ash 7 years ago so great to be in this car again and scoring a few points for them."
  4. "Once again my computer had issues so every session ruined cause of this.

    Q: p14. Couldn't do more with the problems I had. Onw thing that I want to say is that Room made a really bad move on me in last shicane before the start of my 1st hotlap. No comment...

    R: A really eventful 1st lap for me! In the start a car stoled infront of me and I just avoid him, losing some places there. After s1 my teammate Luka spun and I just avoided him as well. Lucky to make the right decisions in both situations. And again after 1 corner 2 cars spun infront and avoided them as well! And guess what, in last shicane 2 cars went off track and I had to avoid them! Then I had Roualt behind me untill I made a mistake in lap 3 and he passed me. Then a really ambitious Mr. Raino Room tried some really really bad moves on me in some corners and finally he reached his goal and took me off track by hitting me. No comment again..... Then I had a very good fight with Mark Aalberts with some very good moves by him and me, and after 5 laps he took the position. After this I had a quite race. I gained a place cause Roualt crashed and 5 laps before the finish Mark made a driving error that putted me 1.5 seconds infront of him. I kept thus gap till the finish and I got a decent 8th place finish.

    Whole race I had again problem with my computer that didn't allow me to have my normal pace.
    I am very disapointed by this as I had the chance of 2 very good results last 2 races.
    I hope the problem will be fixed for the next 2 races.

    Congrats to Morand for his first win!
    Well deserved m8!"
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