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Race #13, Korea: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Oct 6, 2012.

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  2. Brilliant drive, Ivar :)

    Grats on 2nd Jack :p
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  3. Dont even know how to explain my feelings right now :cry:
  4. I dont like how some people are behaving in a fight. Tommy Nillson divebombed me while he was 4 car lengts back. After the contact it seemed he gave the position back to me so that fine, but why even trying a move like that.

    Later with Simoncic "10 second before my disconnect" We approuched the left hairpin in the first sector. We where side by side with me on the inside. And he just turned in way to erlie just after braking and hit me on the front right. Both times i was lucky to dont have damage cus of the FSR model i think.

    But people try to be clean in a fight! Thats what we all want ore not?

    Maurice asked me to look trough some things.

    After Maurice and Masciulli spun because they contacted, Maurice cut the chicane on the tarmac and got a stop and go for it. Wich was just his own fault. He understands he was wrong to cut the chicane afterwords.

    Also Maurice told me to check the replay on lap 44 of Masciulli and i just dident beleave what i saw. He cut the big chicane in the first sector on purpose and gained like 2 seconds. He dident get a stop and go for it cus he cut it on the left side of that track part.
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  5. I feel really sad about this race, because I thought my pace wasn't good enough for anything. The race went on pretty good and I was able to set a few "good" laps. After several laps I was back behind Cyrill, we had a really nice fight but I was upset because in my opinion he defended his position a bit too hard because I was faster but unable to overtake him. Finally I passed him with a hard maneuver and was able to pull out a gap.

    But in the end I couldn't believe my eyes. Usually I'm not that type of race driver who is complaining very often, but this time I have to say something. I really respect every driver in this league from WT to WC but what happend there wasn't any good. As Rob already mentioned Eros just cutted the whole chicane and gained 2 seconds and was only more another 2 seconds behind me. I'm really disappointed that something like that happend in the FSR. I don't want to judge about that incident but in my eyes that doesn't have anything to do with fair simracing. Just saying ...
  6. Rob, I'm sorry about that move under braking, when I moved the wheel in that moment I knew I had just done a mistake. Also I was frustrated that much by how the race had been going that I just wanted to press esc and go to bed. The whole race was a lesson for me about what can go wrong because it all went wrong. Again I apologize about that move.

    Oh and if you want to know what happened in the last lap when me and Patel spun - I saw him lagging all over the place, I was guessing where his car was for all the 9 laps of the last stint and at that corner he suddenly appeared there but it was too late to avoid anything.
  7. Sorry for the very very slight contact we made, but the contact was very little, only unsettled your car slightly and as soon as the touch I lifted of to make sure you stayed ahead (Being sporting) we then had a great fair clean battle and its a shame you accuse me of diving bombing etc on you despite the small contact, I fairy let you go again and we had a great battle after.

    It's a shame you got disco also , as we could of had more fights maybe.
    I want to say sorry for Da Matos also, 100% my fault.
  8. Jernej i pointed it out because kind of the same happened at Germany. But its oke cus i gained the position right after that.

    I just simply called it a divebomb because you where 4 car lengts behind xd. But there is just now way you can outbrake someone from that distance. I could have avoided the contact by just staying on the outside and cutting underneath. Cus you where missing the inside of the corner anyway if we dident contacted. We all make mistakes but i just dont see the logic of moves like that.
    The rest of the fight was great indeed, several corners side by side :) I just dont like contact in a fight wich is really not necessary. Ofcource i exept your apologies as i said above.

    My disconnect was so frustrating, cus i was finnally picking up my pace. We could have had another fight indeed.
  9. Big thanks to the commentators! Really appreciate it :D
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  10. Rob, in Germany I was sure you were already behind and it was at accelerating. This time it was just my mistake that I used no brain at all when braking. Anyway, I assure I'll be more clean as this is a move that deserves a penalty too.