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Race #13, Korea: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Oct 6, 2012.

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  2. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    THAT'S IT! FOR GOD'S SAKE I HATE WT, SHOULD'VE UNDERSTOOD NOT TO PARTICIPATE BECAUSE OF THE ****ING CRASHERS...:mad: First I ruin my Q1 with a 1:39.8, I could've got nearly 1:38's as my pb is 1:39.009. Was very disappointed to lose my first Q2. :( Then, in the race start, some ****ing idiot called Jan Wenninger collects me in T1, ruining my race... :mad: Some of the slowest WT guys are absolutely ridicilous, such as Theodoros, I watched the broadcast and saw him causing trouble for the top guys. He also had 2 contacts with me in Germany. WT is the ****.

    Thanks a lot Jan, you made my race.:thumbsdown:

    Not going to participate in Abu Dhabi, so it's a sad farewell folks...:cry:

  3. I agree with Tuomas to be honest. Chris De Jong is a danger and should lose his licence. You cannot leave your car parked in the middle of the track like that. He should have ESCd straight away. Also again on first lap some people were trying to go for glory. Was up in 3rd at one stage and our strategy seemed to be working a treat but De Jong again has caused my race to be compromised, this time out, for the second race in a row. Guys learn to drive.

    Grip was lacking a bit second stint and so I lost a bit of ground but was looking excellent and am extremely annoyed. Managed a great move around the outside of Danny van der Niet out of turn 5 into 6.

    See you in Abu Dhabi and hopefully some more careful drivers.
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  4. Woeful pre qualifying, bad qualifying, what happened on the warm up lap.. I feel it was my fault due to inexperience
  5. NP :p
  6. RandomnessInside
    becereful wit world there if you have some probs wit jan you can talk wit him on msn
  7. or you can sent file race director :)
  8. To much mistakes...
    In first stint had some nice battle with Rens but then in the front Filosa spun and I try to avoid but Rens touch me softly and couldn't control the car. I had the pace but I was to stupid.

    I'm sorry Aslamazyn, my fault :(
  9. its very nice as we start the race that your tv went off
  10. Didn't have the right strategy today if I was looking for battles. That's maybe about it :D Ok result but I couldn't do anything against the 3 stoppers with my fuel load/older tires so I just cruised to finish line.

    And after I saw Rens retiring probably because of engine failure, I just quickly started to save the engine and Franz made 10 secs difference to me in those 10 laps. Just wanted to secure the 7th position.

    Mikko Suokas
  11. Well finaly broken the curse of not getting steady podiums, messed up Q2 unfortunatly, made a cut in one of the corners and got in the same situation as in Spa, then hitting another curb hard i decided to abort the lap and start p10.

    Race i was about to switch to 2 stop but last minute i changed again and went with orriginal plan 3 stop. Lots of overtakes and then got in battle with Zoltan pretty quickly, nice hard battle, got passed him one time but then a mistake dropped me back. Final stop i made a mistake on pit entry almost lost the race there managed to kep it going. Finaly thriller last lap, unfortunalty i couldnt get a proper run in the straights so what followed was a close final corner seciont with 0.098 on the line distance haha probably closest finish in FSR perhaps.:D

    Nice fun race with some hard batlles.:thumbsup:
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  12. Hi, First of all you can also ask what happened. After the car on p7 made a false start i had to abort the use of launch control after i released the button and my nose and appearantly my suspension got damaged. The damaged suspension broke and i crashed in the last turn on lap 17 or so. While i tried to wait for everyone to pass i wanted to do a 180 degrees and follow on my way, this was not possible due the suspension failure. I instantly decided to quit the race in order to get out of the racing line but it was not fast enough, i didnt park my car in any way what so ever. My race ended soon aswell in Suzuka because of someone crashing me but it happens and im very sour about this aswell and im also sorry for making someone his race end. But after 5-6 races this has been my first accident that someone has to end a race because of me its not fair to say i should loose my license. I am a fair driver and saying i have to learn to drive is absolutely rediculous. I did not park my car into the track, its clear to see for everyone that i waited for all the cars to pass before i turner around, when i try to turn around i noticed the suspension failure and quited but unfortunately i ended someones race and im sorry for that.
  13. but about de jong its a big mistake but every one can make mistakes its an learning progress
    but a licence ban is too harsh a penalty point is acceptable or a frid penalty
  14. Q: The goal was to get to grid1 with such little practice on the new track. Managed to do that and qualified 17th.

    R: Start was ruined by Danny :)
    The race was very eventful with a few contacts with other drivers and lost over a minute on extra stop and repairs and got lapped which meant I lost more and more time letting people through.

    Learned the track by the end of the race and last stint pace was very good (top6 pace for sure). In the end 12th place. Will be strong in Abu Dhabi and especially in Interlagos!

    Eduard K
  15. he sorry mate my tv went off by the start and that ruined also my race compleet
    i turned it on and thought your are allready underway and that why pull the gass open and make a jump start

    sorry really sorry
  16. Good i am in the FC There
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  17. Hey there,
    first of all, dont ever call me a "****ing idiot" again, because i didnt do so and i didnt take you out on purpose. And second of all if you watch the incident closely, i had no idea that you were on my right side, only in the last split second you appered infront of me and i had no chance to avoid contact. I had no view of you in my mirrors or my screen. Imo that was a race accident.

    I was about to apologize to you about that incident but with you acting like something else...your welcome that i helped you ruin your race.

    And btw i dont give a cookie that i am one of the slowest wt guys...finished 8th in my 4th ever fsr race...hell yeah i am slow...
  18. Seeing this language, i sincerely hope you keep your word this time and leave, adios.
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  19. Hi all!

    Fantastic race,nice battle with Mark.The track is very fast and tactical...
    The quali was great...in Q2 i had a very clear lap..and finished in pole :)
    Race was very hard,the start was clear,pitstop was ok.
    In lastlap i had very very big stress..Mark was very fast...but i defended the position and won the race :D

    Congrats Mark and Ben!
    Thanks NETREX!!!!!
    GO NETREX!!!
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  20. Im not impressed with the way how you expres yourself on this forum. Did you forget that you took me out in the start at Monza??? Did you hear me complain about it,.. dont think so.:O_o: Youre on the edge of breaching forum rules with this kind of language.

    Seriously WT is an entry class and you always will have people in there that will have a learning curve and make mistakes in that proces, they have all the right to be there.It's youre own responsibility to take reckon with that and try to stay out of those situations. Even the best drivers sometimes mess up:roflmao: welcome to racing, stuff happens at speed. Better take an example on guys like Ville and Franz who improve during the season and improve their skills.
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