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Race #10, Silverstone: Post race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Stefan Kanitz, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

    Discuss here as long as it is within the rules.
  2. Ah my game locked up , not sure wheter it was server related or my own pc. I think its my own pc giving up on me, its verry high temperatures out here and i guess my pc didnt liked that at all. Im verry disapointed because i was on for a decent result while i dont like this track at all, so suprised with 30,9 in Q putting me on a good position for the race only a few tents slower then the pole man. And during race the pace seemed to be good as well, tyres stayed ok so was looking for a nice top5 result knowing that both new drivers from Spain would most likely mess up their race, one just had a engine failure so i was right with that hehe. ANyway thats after talking fact is that im out, for next race i need to fix my cooling for my pc i guess. Just happy that even on tracks i dislike i still have a good pace, so its looking good for the comming races. ​
  3. Well the final move of Mark Johnson really shows the level of World Trophy at the moment, just a few drivers can drive fair and cleanly, very frustrating for the Roaldo drivers who are taken out. Even on the warm-up lap it seems to be tricky where Kammann was crashed and his race was over before it even started, amazing. I'm sure Ben will get his 2nd place back, then it is a good result.

    Congrats Melim for the win!
  4. Yeah it was a shame johnson rammed me off the track!!! craziest defending tactic ive ever seen!!! maybe Ivan would disagree with me though!

    About my incident with Ivan....the first attemp at a pass was not very good from me, But the 2nd attempt in the same corner was different to the first! because in the first attemp we was on similar pace with both good cars, The 2nd attemp was totally different because it appeared you was driving with a damaged car from your contact with somoeone else, You got a very poor exit and i took the chance of putting my car up the inside hoping you would see me and yeild....you turned into me and i had front lock up of brakes which didnt help the cause.
    However i am sorry for the contact i did oppoligise to you straight away after the race, You then went on to insult me saying i need to learn how to drive!

    I think im one of the cleanest drivers in fsr let alone wt... Go do some reasearch if you like, i have not been given 1 penalty for dangerous or dirty driving in my coureer!

    Again Ivan im sorry and i realise i might be in for a penalty...but for me it was a racing incident as you left the door wide open, that moved worked plenty of times with my team mates in practise!

  5. So sorry about last lap to Ben, (sent him a PM) did not expect a counter attack on should a fast corner and didnot see him till its seems it was to late, however i was super clean for the other 38.8 laps, even though i got hit straight from behind in the back chicane and damaged my wing a bit half way into the race, was great fun up till ben and i's moment which i am sorry for again.

    Mark Johnston
  6. hihi Ben, second to last corner on 1st lap, i was there too! :) it got my sus damaged and because of that i hit next lap emery, sorry for that.

    And sorry Danny Roberts, for that s1 incident, but i let you by :)

    Q: was nice, because before today i couldnt get under 32 :S

    R: distaster waiting to happen, was annoyed after lap 1 and made few stupid mistakes, 2 of them above. P9 was nice tho. Nice to be back in top10, after motivation problems for last 4-5 races :)
  7. Argh what to say about my race.. My Q pace was great on a good lap but just couldnt put it together when it mattered and a 30:8 I set I think only around a tenth or a half behind pole. So 4th was ok. Got of to a good start went straight into P3 and saw ahead P2 and P1 fighting, Then the guy in P2 made a mistake and I went through with no trouble, I didnt have the pace to match PM in first stint and a few laps later P3 had caught up to me and passed. After that I got a disco which was very annoying as I was for once on the pace and in a great position.
  8. Unbelievable, the level of driving in World Trophy has seriously gone down in World Trophy.

    First of all, Ben, my view on overtaking is that there shouldn't be any contact when it comes down to overtaking, no matter what the circumstances. If you pass someone through contact, that isn't fair in my opinion. The second time you passed me, although it was wrong, I didn't really care much, as I was 2 seconds off my pace and I knew I would lose the position sooner or later. The first time you passed was wrong also, but in any case I didn't insult you. My comments on the race server were meant as general comments, not directed towards anyone. I was speaking generally about all the incidents in the race. Ramiro made the worst mistake, his driving was absolutely unacceptable. Just total disregard for other drivers and STEALING my podium position away. He needs to be careful when rejoining the track because stuff like this is unacceptable in FSR.

    What drivers cannot grasp is that it is a PRIVILEGE to drive in FSR, in any division. A lot of these drivers don't realize that and abuse that privilege. I really have nothing else to say.
  9. Didn't look too good in qualifying. We were the slowest cars on the grid.

    I had a good start off the line, which was a bit surprising to me cause my first gear was quite long. Then again, my start was compromised by a slow starting car ahead of me. I started on hard tyres, so I drove as conservatively as I could. I was involved in some battles with faster cars but they were all very clean. I have to mention that a Precision car was spinning to recover in the middle of the track in the beginning of the race which on coming cars were still coming. I nearly clobbering him myself. That was very very dangerous driving.

    Ran till lap 26 for my first pitstop. For some reason, I wasn't able to change my compounds and wing adjustments. Finished 12. Wasn't too bad considering we were the slowest on the grid today.

    Great job from Gregg in recovering from the collision and the kerbs.
  10. Q. I wasn't able to post my PB but close enough to get into P2.

    R. Had a great start and held P2 for quite some time. Made a downshift error and almost lost it completely but luckily saved it and got back in P3. I ran kind of hard to catch my lost P2 increasing the boost on the way. I was able to catch P2 and get by cleanly. I continued on hard and was delighted that I eventually got within 2 seconds of P1. I was comfortable running with Melim and was awaiting his pit strategy when cablamo, blew my motor. I had tested plenty and the engine did fine. I guess I pushed a little too hard trying to make up for my semi-spin earlier coupled with slightly lower gear settings than I had extensively tested with. I don't know. It was fun while it lasted. GRA
  11. Sergio, engine's failures are time scaled in WT if i am not wrong.
  12. First race in FSR. Had a really bad start lost positions before T1. Made some good overtakes in the early going. Caught up to a pack of drivers that were battling ahead. Got on the gas too early out of the final corner, spun, lost my front wing and had to limp around to get repairs. Leaders closed on me in a few laps. Made sure to not interfere with their races. Hit my PB in the second half of the race. Lap 29, with about 80% engine left, accelerating out of the final corner lose my engine. Just wanted to get to the finish in my first race in the WT. Just came up a tad bit short.
  13. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    PQ: well missed it by 4minutes so not happy with that at all...

    Race:first of all i want to thank:team and sponsors my mom and dad for giving birth to me as a male, because women can't drive, God and the devil and allah and buddha, and my mom for letting me play with car toys and everyone who ever saw me and all my fans the marsians too for giving me magic powers Rubens Barrichello, just for being Rubens Barrichello and Juan-Pablo Montoya for all the inspiration.
    also there is kids starving in Norway!

    it was best grid 2 race i ever been in
  14. Hi guy's, had a lot of fun today.
    Wasn't so sure to qualify, didn't practice a lot.
    Not to mention making a race setup, due to lack of time.
    However i qualified, back on the grid (20é time)
    Made a good start, trying to avoid crhashes with the others, after a few laps was at 15é place.
    The topspeed was not that hi, i prefered some more wing, climbed 2 places up but was difficult to hold due to topspeed.
    Made a small error before my first pit and lost 3 places.
    With fresh tires the pace became a lot better and i could gane back 3 places, but i knew i had to go for another set of tires before the end of the race.
    In the end i was back on 13 position trying to hold back Alberto de Juan, very difficult because he was faster than me.
    I gave all i got, he made a small error witch put him a bit back but in a matter of time he was back 2 sec. behind me.
    But he had not enough time to battle with me, i was soking wet from transpiration but i had great fun and some points for the team. [​IMG]
  15. Good batle Heinz :D
  16. sami with a real race comment!
  17. Hi, My First race in FSR and I can say... disaster! :redface:

    I can't start the pre-qualify for a problem with game installation that I fix later. So in race 2 I start from last position in grid. The start was really bad, however I recovered to the first position. After a very bad pit-stop I exit in 3th position. I pushed to get the first place again but when I was 2nd, in last lap, my engine has gone.
    See you nest race...
  18. This is strange. 80% of engine left? I dont think so. In WT we start already with only 75% of the engine, how can you have 80%?????
  19. The first victory of the Roaldo RedSpeed team in season 2010, I'm very proud Sami! Well done, amazing, I really have no more words!
  20. First of all I want to apologize to all the drivers who caused them incidents in the race at Silverstone. I know that I did not compete successfully and I assume any penalties by the WT directors.

    Congratulate Pedro Melim for his fantastic race without mistakes and having demon´s times.