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Race #08, Canada: PQ Group 2

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Stefan Kanitz, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz
    Premium Member

    Everyone who had problems to join PQ Group 1 have now the chance to do it in PQ Group 2. Server will be up shortly for that.
  2. why a 2nd session? the 1st one even started late....
  3. i thaught that if you miss the cutoff for saying youll race you miss out
  4. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz
    Premium Member

    The first one started on time as usual.

    It is a exception this time. Next time it isnt my fault
  5. I think no correct to do PQ2, now!!!!
  6. u would u just beat me to the race :p
  7. this isn´t according to rules for sure....

    people allocating late and getting their own PQ session. I was not allowed to participate in Monaco because I allocated late, I even talked to the Director.

    Dissapointing to see this
  8. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz
    Premium Member

    Teidy didnt allocated late. 2 guys had the chance to do 1 fast lap. And i think it isnt an advantage to have just one lap.

    As already mentioned it is an expection this time. This will not happen any time again.
  9. Quote
  10. I havent allocated late,i allocated 2 days before i think
    i went out of my team server to join pq server at 8.00 but when i oppened fsr manager i had a blue screen and my computer shutted down...i start again and same blue screen....have to force shutdown and come back again,tried to join the server but i just missed it for 5 secs...it was just 10 min pq....it isnt my fault my pc gave up on me!!!if it happened to you guys you would ask for at least 1 lap and as stefan said i just got 1 lap so it wasnt an advantage anyways!!!
  11. Yesss, my only target was beat you in the race!!!!:D:wink: