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Race #08, Canada: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules :).
  2. Pfff both of my Roaldo cars taken out, we were doing so well! Closed the Broadcast, what a dissapointing moment just now, and what a bad manouver there in front of Fredrik.
  3. I'm extremely dissappointed right now. We were running great, would have had 4th place secured if it weren't for some drivers who can't realize when they are beaten.
    I like tough racing, but there are limits which people with this much experience must know about.
    This time we were really fast enough to get a great result by our own efforts, and it goes to the wastebin.
  4. Consistent race after a bad qualifying (again). Was challenging Euler for eight when brakes failed with two laps to go, apparently that can happen as well... Hopefully Valencia is less consuming in that aspect or there will be some serious issues not only for me. Anyway 1 point and something to bring back from a difficult race.
  5. Use more downforce.

  6. LOL! and your saying that to -the setup guru- of Precision Motorsports?
  7. And what's your contribution in this post ?
  8. .................
  9. Qualifying -

    Was Realy realy happy with p5 on grid.. could have had 3rd if i had hooked up the final sector but 5th is a massive improvment and shows the kind of progress ash racing are making !

    Race -

    Once again i had little top speed which resulted in me loosing places to cars that were ultimatly slower than my pace.

    decided to try a 2 stop when i hit the infamous wall of champions early in firs stint.. think i pitted on lap 22 i then aimed to get to lap 50 and stop again..

    had some great battles with people mid race realy good to fight with them but it was always speed that ruined it !

    de wit and me made contact mid race too but de wit has apologised and therefore we will not be protesting.. thanks to him for being honest and for a great battle late on in race !

    happy to score points again but if i had rn less wing i could and should have been p4..

    well done to hannel on his first fsr win and well done to greco for his twister efforts !

    Thankyou to all Ash Racing for there efforts this last week or so.. realy good team we have going now !
  10. From GPCOS:
    Congrats to Ronny and PMo.
  11. From GPCOS:

    Good win by Precision, congrats!
  12. Did drivers experience lag by the way? And can FSR admin please install 1 live-view that works, as more just takes bandwidth or whatever it takes, you understand.
  13. Yeah it was a bit bad, specially the start as the drivers were jumping forward and then stopping many times, I don't know how it was later but it was definitely not ok.
  14. Yes, I experienced massive lag on the start, as Bruno said, there were some drivers jumping forward/stopping etc .... I hit Tali because I couldn't see him, loosing my front wing ...
  15. I experienced la in the first laps aswell. Was pretty hard to judge in the first corners, where the cars really were. For my WC races I can say that I did not had such a lag in Spain or in Turkey!
  16. I had no lag... but maybe cuz I had for this race fiber optics connection, 100mbit :D
  17. No real lag here either but we'll remove one of the two live timings for next round.
  18. Both Ash drivers experience quite a bit of lag. I believe Lee's was the worst.
  19. I had some lag problems as well quite impossible to make any sort of moves on anyone just tried to stay away from any car as they all lagged from my view. I have some 30mb connection and also ping seemed good so I dont think its my connection problem but I cant rule it out.
    If this lag problem is connected to fsr server then I hope solutions will be found sooner rather than later and we could do some normal close battles again.
  20. there was some minor lagg but nothing major was fine here