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RACE 07, GTR Evolution, STCC - The Game, or RACE On?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ulli Haus, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I'm new here at racedepartment and I am confused with which game I need to get if it says GTR Evolution (cause it never says "Race 07" in any league!!! But in the leadership category, it only names Race 07!) .

    If the league or event names GTR Evolution, can I also partake with "Race 07", or do I need to buy the GTR Evolution Game?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. aslong as they only run the vanilla race07 contend yes you can join
    but if they maybe run gt cars or the nordschleife you would need GTR evo
    or if the league/event runs the schwedish tracks and cars you would need STCC
    same with the upcomming Race one add on if they will run parts of that contend you have to have that too
    if not you will not be able to join the server cuz of a diffrent game version
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Short history

    RACE - The WTCC game released (standalone) (not longer supported with organised online races @ RD)

    RACE 07 released (base game for future expansions)

    GTR Evolution released (add-on content for RACE 07: GT Cars etc)
    STCC - The Game released (add-on content for RACE 07: STCC Cars etc)

    RACE On (add-on content for RACE 07: WTCC 2008 etc)

    So basically if you only have RACE 07 you have a two year old base game that has been played so many times here at RaceDepartment the last two years that we hardly organise anything for it. Been there done that.

    Most events (leagues & club) require at least that you patch up to GTR Evolution specs (1st expansion on top of RACE 07) and in the future we go gradually go up the expansion ladder with the newest packs. So is RACE 07 enough? Sometimes but mostly not.

    Useful links to purchase the full games or the expansions:

    RACE 07:
    - Full game (base game for future expansions): click here

    GTR Evolution:
    - Full game (including RACE 07 content): click here
    - Expansion pack (for RACE 07 owners): click here

    STCC - The Game:
    - Full Game (including RACE 07 content): click here
    - Expansion pack (for RACE 07/GTR Evo owners): click here

    Are you confused now?

    Join the club, so are we. Its hard to keep track on all this, but ask in the forum when you need more help, thats why it is here.
  4. thx bram for the info :)

    btw i still need the stcc exp, but for what i saw it wil come in race on as a bonus ? that why im stil waiting but race on wil have 2 version?and standalone full race 07 content and the exp for ppl got already the rest .
    idk what to do lol i c alot racing club and league with stcc that i wanna join !
  5. If you buy the full version of GTR Evo, then get the full version of Race On, you will have ALL the expansions available.

    Full version Evo = Race 07 + GTR Evolution ($9.99 US)

    Full version Race On = STCC + Race On ($29.99 US)
  6. Thanks a lot Bram,

    nope, I am no longer confused ;)

    btw- is it true that the update from RACE 07 to GTR EVO is only possible through steam? --> I read that somewhere.

    Cause, at my lokal Games Shop, I can get the Expansion Pack for half as much as steam offers it to me!

    Or, I simply buy it at amazon.co.uk --> they sell the GTR EVO (which according to your info includes Race 07) for only 5.49 pounds. That's about 11 euros including shipping ;)
  7. You can buy everything online @ Steam, but you might be cheaper buying it somewhere else. play.com is another international (from a German perspective) that has very ofter good offers and they deliver to Germany as well, always worth checking!
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    When you buy and expansion in the shop you will get a box and a DVD. The expansion itself will still be downloaded through steam.

    So grab it where you can get it the cheapest :)
  9. If you buy the full retail version of GTR Evo at Amazon or Play. com you get Race O7 and the GTR Evo expansion. Furthermore you get 2 versions of the game - the offline version for you to install on your PC and a the Steam version for free. Buying the full retail pack is now cheaper that than getting the Steam only version in Europe, so it makes more sence to get the boxed retail version as you get a nice box, CD and small manual as well.

  10. Many thanks!!!

    I so confused with EVO, STCC, etc.

    Now i know what i must do.:good:
  11. Guys, I own GTR2, Race07, STCC and GTR evolution. Does Race On bring anything significant that those sims do not have in terms of content, physics, etc...? Anything worth making the additional purchase? Thanks.
  12. actually full race on = race 07, race on, stcc

    all you need is full race on and then the gtr evolution expansion only or you will end up with two copies of race 07. this is probably the best approach for those who have nothing and want to buy from steam
  13. Still a little confused over here :D
    What is my best bet if I wanna drive with you boys/girls here on RD?
    Buy RACE On Bundle
    Includes 3 items: RACE 07, STCC - The Game , RACE On
    Best starter?

    Also, if I buy all these different Simbin Games, can I get to them from within one game?
  14. Jempy


    Good start of course. If you like GTs too, GTR Evolution is also a must. !

    With online Steam installation, all of them and all other newer addons are played from within one game.
    So, no problem !
  15. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    I thought i would just buy Race07. But ended up buying the complete collection of SimBin Race 07 collection and the free downloads . Which one do you youse to start the game. Or which one do you like the best, colours, sound , ect.

    Race 07 sounds like a 007 gone to a rave, RaceON drives me crazy, GTR Evo has a bad colour sceme.

    all in one place http://www.raceroom.net/shop/
  16. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Which one you choose is all in your likes as they all start the same game but with different sound and color options. I personally start with the GTR Evo shortcut because I like the graphics, though the colors could be a little different. I have music turned off in the settings so I don't hear any of that stuff and I usually click through all the load screens so I don't have to watch/listen to those.
  17. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Yep the graphics are nice in Evo but if i look to hard at the tv the colours make my eye's all helter skelter. Like most intro's, there great to start with but after a year youve had enough...
  18. I am getting foolish... I wanted to collect the whole RACE series including all new DLCs, but I just cant decide which one to expand.. they are offering WTCC 2010, GT power, STCC2 and Retro pack, but independently... if there could be a bundle with all of them for reason price like they did with RACE ON, RACE 07 and STCC, but paying 30€ to get them all is just a lot :(
  19. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium

    Rupe Wilson: Install no video mod.

    Ondrej Kapal: Just wait for better steam offer or compete in raceroom the game on raceroom.net . Right now they offer retro pack.
  20. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    I tried somthing like that and kept getting mini dumps. Dont know if that was the problem, proberly not, but never thought abought it again. thanks for the reminder.... But i love the GTlegends music and coulours ....