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Race 07, 64bit OS, Custom skin, Online and Add-on Tracks

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Günthar Rowe, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. I have fresh installed both Vista x64 and Windows7 x64 on different HDD's and am have the same problem under both OS's. That being that, if I have even 1 add-on track install and then join an online server running either a stock or add-on track, then I select a custom skin, my game crashes to desktop! If I remove the Locations folder, I can join and use custom skins on any online server (of course only ones running stock tracks)...

    I have tried doing fresh downloaded tracks and added just one picked at random and always the same result... :(
  2. Gunthar I used to run Evo on Vista 64 and I just switched to Windows7 without any issues. Are you running the game under an adminsitrator account?
  3. Same here, tried both Win 7 64 and just reinstalled Vista 64 (because I killed Win7 with GTL). Without any issues.

    But I did not a new installation of GTR. I took before a backup (from Steam), installed Steam newly and then restored the backup.

    But that should be pretty much the same, as it is not doing a back up of any customized data. With the last install I even started loving the fact the it nox put the user specific data under the user directory, as I just copied the complete Simbin folder before formatting the disk and copied it back after the Vista installation was done. No issue!
  4. Only have Admin.... I'm an IT tech :woop: but that isn't helping me this time!!!
  5. I might have to start again again again with a fresh super clean Race install with not a single files being reused....
  6. Sometimes that's part of the problem, normal people might not get into these situations :D
  7. fixed after a 4th fresh install of windowz.....
  8. That is the weirdest thing I ever heard...
  9. I think I tracked it down to one of the directory references contained in a configuration file which was in the ".../My Documents/SimBin/..." that was conflicting with the x64 file system. As the x64 OS installs 32bit apps into the "Program Files (x86)" folder and not the "Program Files"... What was making is so hard to track down, was that have, but not even using a add-on track killed the game with a CustomSkin...!!!

    If anyone else has the same sort of issues, first try leaving the main Race 07 folder untouched, rename the SimBin folder in My Documents and let Steam/Race 07 create a new SimBin folder-file system again and test... If that fixes it, then start slowly adding back in your old files, starting with the relays/timeattacks/carsetups folders, then the customskisns folder. And lastly UserData files one at a time, these are the most likely cause...
  10. GUNTHAR, did you have the steam files locations etc by default to add too after the original install? my problem with my windows 7 os is i cant find where to put things anymore, do i have to create files......i seem to remember them being there by default before.

    any idras or am i being a bit thick?
  11. The way how I did this before several time:
    Use the Steam Backup function to take a backup of GTRe, save the PLR file manually (not part of the backup) and all setup-up files.

    Install new OS, install Steam from web page, log on to Steam, restore Game from backup, create profile with the same name and copy PLR file over.

    Never had a problem with this procedure (I think in the last 6 month I have done this about 4 or 5 times if not more).