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Race #06, Great Britain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. sum up of my race :


    Seriously i'm a stupid noob... 1st place was possible...
    Some divinations don't want me to finish a race this year lol
  3. Please sort out the lag, stream is stuttering and lagging
  4. Im an idiot.

    While the first 4 laps the car was really unstable, then the car was ok.

    Then when I pitted, I stalled the engine :giggle: and also putted +1 more front wing (when in fact I didn't want to do that :O_o:).

    I was loosing the rear in every single corner, and finally i lost the car in corner 1, and I stalled the engine (selected neutral at 150 :/).

    Weekend to forget.
  5. Surely having the glory of winning a WC Race at home would be better than having to finish 4th and fight in a lower tier?
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  7. I screwed up the quali, and then did a race of the year, finally no major fails :)

    ..well, twice I had some contact because of mirrors. Once I dunno, but the other time it was with mr. Nagy. Zsolt I'm sorry for that, in the mirrors I saw you were clearly behind, but then I felt the contact -.-

    And about the mirrors - is there a line for them in plr or somewhere to fix the fov or sth?
  8. I don't know if I was next to you or not, felt like I could turn in on the inside, but than there was no room anymore. Don't worry about it, it was not your fault. Racing accident.
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  9. Same here... from all grid only I was without a wing. And how that happened ?! While we're accelarating to T1 some infront of me decided to stop like there is coming 180 degrees corner. Just fine.

    Blair, nice battle mate, sorry if I did something wrong, just tried to defend the position, but you was flying with softs..
  10. Reason I was driving FSR was that we have a 3 week break in i***ng. Had a week to test and that went quite well. The setup was very good I'd like to thank the whole Twister-Racing team for this nice week.

    pre q i had a BSOD
    Q1 was ok
    Q2 loaded wrong set

    Race start was bad, I don't know that trick. Had no grip until lap 10 where things went better. Kalamees/PM forced me to pit early by pitting early. After the pit I came out behind Morand. On fresher tires I was much quicker until I noobed and hit him in t1. My front wing was gone and the car was an understeery disaster. Had to push to get at least reasonbale laptimes and made a mistake.

    Twister deserved a better result, altho kudo's to Samuel for pulling a 2nd position. Bad luck for the WS championship decisions and DNF's. Maybe until later this season :).
  11. Nice race unfortunately for me had to safe fuel laps 15 laps -_-
    Next to that i enjoyed the fight with you Disley, even though you where on fresh softs and i was on old hards it was at some point a tough fight ( you also had a ping of 260 lagged front and back 5 meters really terrifying ) but i think a fair fight.
  12. Really hard to understand, yes.
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  13. It's 23:59 and time for some late night british porn

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  14. not here chris ssssssttt