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Race #02, Bahrain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Sorry to the guy who's race was destroyed by my standing car at the start.

    Well, what happened was this:
    on the formation lap suddenly one of the cars in front of me dissapeared, and reappeared, and it was really weird; and the server was constantly telling me "stay behind Keithley", but I was like 5 places behind Keithely. On the start there were some lags, some freezes/flashes that aren't really my problem, I had 150 fps and my connection is perfectly ok. So suddenly sth moved/flashed/lagged/whatever and I released the LC button but somehow the red lights were suddenly still on, and in the heat of the moment I stalled.

    Just telling this as I wonder what's up and what should I do, it's really difficult to concentrate and start safely if there are flashes that have greater contrast than the 5 red lights.
  3. I just want to say sorry to everyone who was affected by my hardware problems.
    Really sorry.
  4. Great slideshow!
  5. Great Race today, nice to see such a big variety of strategies.

    We are sorry for the broadcast problems again near the end of the race we will have to find a solution for this for the next race.
  6. what problems at the end??
  7. I didn't know my role in FSR race now is to be a pushing ball.. I surely have a magnet in my car. I need to check.
  8. When Stream 7 came on it began to lag hard. At the beginning stream was fine.
  9. someone was lagging a lot during the warmup lap and the start. I think race director should have a right not to let someone race who has too much lag and is danger to himself and others.
  10. yeah it was me rasmus as I said sorry for that I didnt expect that and was suprised to get that rfactor lag. It was not my connection, it was my pc sadly.
    I will sort this out obviously and if I cant I wont start again until its solved.
  11. Eros Masciulli make for me the allocation, so i cannot make the race comment. I make this here, so i hope is ok.

    Q1: Not my best lap, but is ok and i am number 3 after my teammate Yannick.

    Q2: I have a little mistake but the lap is ok.

    Race: I make a good start, morand on inside drives very slow so i can overtake. After this my race is good, but i have a mistake that looses me much time. Finally i take the car home for the points and i am happy for this on the debut of me on world championship. Marco
  12. where can we download broadcast?
  13. Q : pretty ok.

    Race : good start but i got a huge fps drop, i tried to avoid some drivers, which costed me 2 places.
    I loose a lot of time in the first stint.
    I was very fast in hard, bono came into me and keithley group, i defended ok but bono misjudged that i was on hard ( i brake at 120m ) and hit very hard my rear. The car becomes very tricky 3km/h lost.
    I pass the soft, allowed me to pass keithley and kalamees. at the end of the stint, a group ignored blue flags, and allowed kalamees to gain 1s5. during the straight finish line, i went to the left, kalamees hit me when following me ,T1 was ok. but divebombing in the first hairpin in S2. Contact made. I burn my tyres and run 1 lap with killed tyres...
    I returned to the box, soft again, but the car is so slow caused by the damages ( front and rear diffuser/ RR suspension ) , which made worst tyre wear, at the end i manage the tyres but again a divebombing of a PM/GTO car, my car becomes totally damaged, fortunaly it was the final lap.

    I hope some driver will have huge penalty. THIS is not acceptable, i was racing in a Public server race.
    Last year FSR catched me every race for a "dirty" driving which was 2/3x time less than that.
    I'm waiting consequences about these drivings, if not, be aware.
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  14. Unlucky mate :(
  15. You better leave it here indeed since nobody cares of how you judge the incidents so your post was unnecessary.
    Only the WC Director judgement matter at this point.
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  17. If Zipoli is going to race in WT better to suicide. What a Q he had OMG!

    Seriously, I dont understand this mod every change I made with this mod is quite extrange... You need to be very lucky and tricky to find a good set up. Its just frustating... Just blocking tires everytime, lot of strugling, no traction... Im really frustated...
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  18. To be fair, that was bloody impressive to watch lol. I thought you had spun!
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  19. you wanted a pussymagnet in your car but by a mistake another magnet was fitted, a magnet that attracts other cars :(
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  20. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    How come the World Championship stream always lags, while World Trophy and World Series show up fine? :D