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Skins R8 LMS (MDMT) - WRT pack - 2016 BES Monza v1.0

Audi R8 LMS (MDMT) - WRT #1, #2, #3, #4, #28 - 2016 BES Monza

  1. daveds3

    Premium Member

    I cannot get the skins to work, followed the instruction provided but no joy. I have installed other skins for this model and no problems.

    Any help help on this?

  2. Do they appear in the game all red or not at all?
  3. daveds3

    Premium Member

    Many thanks for coming back to me.

    Confirm nothing showing in game, I had trouble with the Phoenix Racing #4 doing the same and also showing as red. But for some strange reason it is now working?
  4. Thats weird. If you added lines to .rcf-s it should show in game at least in red. I guess there is the problem. Check that both .rcf-s have exact same lines