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Featured R3E: The Pure Sound of Awesomeness

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Bram, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Every weekend thousands of petrolheads are traveling towards a local racing circuit to watch live racing action, smell the fumes of high-octane fuel and last but not least: to hear the roar of the mighty engines!

    The latter now has a new virtual benchmark set as SimBin Studios (oops, sorry) Sector3 Studios just released the above video showing a fixed angle camera located right next to the track, recording a race of brutal Group 5 cars producing stunning sounds in RaceRoom Racing Experience.

    In my opinion this is what makes live motorsport so much more beautiful than watching races on your television: immersion. And guess what? We don't need to leave the house anymore as we can now experience the same feeling in a virtual environment.

    It's time that fans are going to raise a statue for S3's sound-guru @anthony monteil somewhere in Sweden. Preferably somewhere close to a racing circuit.

    Sound benchmark set, who's next?
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  2. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium

    I've just had a simply massive accident.
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  3. Tim Cannon

    Tim Cannon

    I assume the accident, like my own, was in your pants :D
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  4. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium

    You're not entirely wrong. 7 unique Group 5 cars with about 5 different engine configurations at Salzburgring. What is there not to love?
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  5. H34d5h07

    No money, no team racing.

    Lovely sounds! Although, I also feel that even the inside sounds (from cockpit) is also very important. If car doesn't make me wet my pants (or better, having a accident involving nr 2 ;)), There is big chance I don't wanna use that particular car.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2015
  6. awesome sounds! also these cars must be fun to drive!

    and well, they gotta release it before may 7th :p
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  7. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff

    Gotta admit,

    this is virtual car earporn. Great video.
    If I had R3E I'd definitely wait for that until May 7th as well...cause you know, just cause Project CARS ^^
  8. It would be so nice, if they make the outside sounds possible in other onboard cams like this front window view or even optional for the driver cam. One or two options more in the settings wouldn´t make it more confusing than it is already;)
  9. Steve Bird

    Steve Bird
    Racing Since 1978 Premium

    RRE is the defacto standard in sim racing sound :)
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  10. William Wester

    William Wester

    I'm loving R3E...sound is SO important to the experience, more than graphics to me. Sound is the primary reason I never could get into Gran Turismo.

    Now if a developer could get the "smell" right :D
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  11. When? When!?

    pCars release or not. I will be picking these cars up along with this track. The money is already set aside.
  12. It isn´t the standart at all, it is the benchmark. But as i wrote, the awesome sound you get only with this gamepad-driven-drone-view or on replays, not that much in the car, what should be an option.
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  13. Yapci


    mmmm...well...in the sim I'm the one inside the car, not outside!
  14. Steve Bird

    Steve Bird
    Racing Since 1978 Premium

    I agree, it could do more for the in car sounds but its still way ahead of all the other products out there in my opinion.
  15. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Available now on the store, separately or in a G5 pack
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  16. Steve Bird

    Steve Bird
    Racing Since 1978 Premium

    I'm a bit confused with this. I owned 63 percent of this already yet I got charged £9.?? I don't want to turn this into a bitching session but I've now paid over £100 for content and can't see this cash cow ever stopping. I would rather there be people to race against than lots of content. However, the servers are ghost towns the majority of the time apart from servers with new content. I haven't seen a single person on the GT Masters 2014 servers. Bah!
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  17. You didn't own 63 percent, the discount was 63% compared to the individual prices summed up.
  18. I had to pay 14 euro. Not the cheapest. Bad time to test can´t crank the volume up and my brake leg is totally shot ;). I am not sure I am a big fan of turbo lag cars though :)
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  19. Steve Bird

    Steve Bird
    Racing Since 1978 Premium

    I owned the
    Okay, I already owned 2 of the cars that came with this pack which leaves me with 5 cars I didn't own. The payment of £9.?? was for 5 cars and a load of liveries which are completely modable in all other titles I use. In my opinion this is NOT a good business model for anyone apart from the developers and personally I'm tiring of having the piss taking out of my personal circumstances. GTR3 would have been the way to go with a 35 quid ticket but it seems like it's easier to release a product that allows you to milk an extortionate amount of money out of the end user instead of including it in the original product. Tired of the cash cow?......you bet yer.
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  20. if you had to choose only one car to buy, which one would it be?