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R3E: SimBin Community QA Video (2)

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Bram, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Bram

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    Bram Hengeveld submitted a new blog post:

    R3E: SimBin Community QA Video (2)

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  2. Feel like a just wasted 7 minutes of my life....not sure I have ever seen a dev vid with this little actual information in it...

    Let me save everybody some time....They like Spa but currently have no deal in place to add it to the game........they like historic V8 Supercars but don't have any deals in place to add them...they will add multiplayer after everything else is finished with the game.
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  3. lol he must have a bad feeling to give a dissapointing answer to every question in both videos. nearly they said no, not yet or something else to all wanted features of the community. you can see it in his eyes that he don´t like to give such an answer.
    Simbin isn´t that developer i loved some years ago :-(
    When you want all cars and tracks you have to put much more money in the game then in a normal full price title and you got much less features! Even for the liverys you have to pay....
    bla bla bla

    Like Michael Hornbuckle said before: "wasted time"
  4. Right now SimBin looks like Grumpy Cat saying No.
  5. Computer says no.....
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  6. Oh dear this is pretty bad PR. Good that SimBin is putting in the effort but really this doesn't tell us anything at all. Apart from the fact that Multiplayer in not on the radar right now.
  7. It's time to be a little impatient. :p How about a Q&A part 3? :rolleyes:
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  8. Simbin started the Q&A on 6th April, it's now 26th Sept. they've STILL only answered about 12 questions and most if not all of those answers have been disappointing to say the least, it's time they just put us out of our misery and answered the rest of the questions, preferably without the crappy\pointless videos, use that format if they really must but just stop 4rsing around and get it done or pull the plug on the Q&A cos it really isn't making them look good IMO, worst PR stunt Simbin have ever come up with and I hope the person that came up with it is now pushing the Tea & Coffee Trolley for a living!
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  9. I knew they only answered FOUR questions in the Part 1 but was unsure about Part 2 so just watched it again and I was a bit over generous, they have answered just NINE questions so far not TWELVE and an idea of the quality of the answers came in Q1 in Part 2, "Yes & No".............."It would be wrong to say yes and it would be wrong to say no" :rolleyes: why not just answer a question where you could say YES or NO instead of wasting everyone's time?, it's a Q&A session not a Q&Q session!
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  10. not all questions have yes or no answers & the game is in beta many things are still undesided
  11. Bram

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    Its not that hard to do a good old conventional Q&A. Ask a question and get an answer written on (digital) paper. Saves a lot of movie making time that can be used to develop the game.

    Its not a waste of time though, but certainly isn't a speedy follow up either.
  12. Not much point having a Q&A if there is no "A" :rolleyes:
  13. Yes beta. But .... Simbin already wants our wallets open for purchasing new content.
    Therefore i think it's surely not too much to ask for a clear statement of the planned features for R3E (and maybe a rough timeline). I just did not want to spend more money on a sim with many undesided stuff. Actually we buy a pig in a poke.
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  14. Then don't buy the content. The reason u by content in the beta is because u want to support the development.
  15. I don't have a problem to buy content in beta and i have purchased some stuff to support Simbin. But the available content grows and grows and grows, and i would really like to know what i can do with my content later. Can i have league racing? Do we get pitstops? Multiplayer driver changes? Telemetry data or API support? Weather?
    Livetrack features? Which of these things are planned? Is it too much to ask for some details about it?
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  16. I would say u can ask about it just fine, just don't complain about unclear answers. it unclear too everyone including them I would say, when they started development they didn't say im gonna do this,this,this &this they had an idea and planned to build on it and change things throughout development.
  17. I don't think that Simbin is developing R3E without a plan. And yes, things can change during development. There's nothing wrong with it, because in the development process sometimes you have to realize that a few ideas and plans which look good on paper, don't work ingame or are technically harder to achieve than expected.

    So what is so difficult to tell us what is planned and what isn't. Even if a plan can change, but a plan is a plan.
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  18. if they tell you there plan and change it they will get even more people complaining about that. a lot more like 10 times as many. People always need a reason to complain too much information or too little its all just part of the internet.
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  19. No multiplayer = dead game ... and if they don't know what all features they're going to put into the game, and don't plan to implement multiplayer until all the features are done ... well ... that doesn't lead to much hope for multiplayer. which is ESSENTIAL to any modern racing game. Period.
    They can create more and more 'content', but they can't put in multiplayer? It makes me wonder if the engine wasn't even developed with multiplayer in mind. That really should be in the core of the game, which is to say, if it's GOING to be there, then the base for it should ALREADY be there. All they "should" have to do is enable it, basically .. yet here it's been over a year, and still no timeline on multiplayer.
    BAD SimBin. BAD!!!
  20. Just remembering that Simbin said they had R3E running via LAN session during a DTM weekend. So i think multiplayer is generally working. And because Race07 or GTR2 is working very well online, the netcode is basically there, i guess.

    Otherwise i agree with "no multiplayer = dead game". Only doing hotlaps is getting boring really fast for me. I'm even not interested to race against AI. I'm just looking forward to race online with (or against) my league mates.
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