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Featured R3E: more custom championship footage at Sonoma Raceway

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Alex Franchini, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. The second video in Sector3's custom championship series has been published on Youtube.

    On show this time is an intense race at the newly released Sonoma Raceway with the GTR2 class. As mentioned in the first part, Sector3 is preparing a revamp of the GTR2 class along with the custom championship feature.

    The car used in the video is, again, the upcoming Cadillac CTS-V.R, which, while not my favorite car, has a great throaty sound.

    Sound off in the comments below!
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  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Can't wait.
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  3. Wish this would just shut down as a F2P and come out as a moddable standalone $50 game. I love so much about this game except the baggage of F2P. Nobody is playing online!
  4. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    First of all it's not really a F2P game, more a modular title. The base platform is free and you buy the content that interests you. I was opposed to this sales model at first but now I'm totally on board with it. Go spend your $50 in R3E and you still end up with a lot of great content. What's the difference?

    Mods? I can genuinely say I don't miss them. Sector3 is producing plenty of great content for this platform, all of which is to a consistently high standard. Other titles such as rF2, GSC and AC have a wealth of mods available but, in my opinion, most of it (90%+) isn't up to standard.

    Nobody playing online? While I would agree that multiplayer mode isn't the busiest, it's normally easy enough to find a well populated race, particularly at certain times. Multiplayer mode is still in alpha and will improve with further updates especially when dedicated servers arrive. It's also worth mentioning that multiplayer doesn't benefit from servers being spread across three experiences separate from the R3E base game which only serves to fragment the online community.
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  5. I agree it's not exactly free 2 play as usual but it's in the F2P section on steam and that ain't doing much for its popularity. People love mods I spend just as much time in modded tracks and cars as I do in vanilla cars and tracks. But that's not stopping anyone from playing Iracing because they're online is so nice!

    I really like R3E but something there needs to change and it's no mystery to me why nobody is talking about that game. One day they're servers are going offline and I want that game to still be around just for the sounds alone!
  6. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    I don't know if I agree that nobody is talking about R3E. Perhaps a year ago that was the case but there has been so much change (for the better) in the meantime that opinions are changing, mine included.

    I don't think R3E will ever attract the same level of interest among the wider gaming community as the likes of pCARS and Assetto Corsa. I think those titles are doing more to attract the casual racing game player as well as the more hardcore element. R3E will do just fine though, much like all the previous Simbin titles. I think it's more a sim for the motorsport enthusiast rather than the person with a general interest in cars.
  7. You may be right but I get the general feeling it's being overlooked more often than it should for these reasons and I just know it would fair better if it went the more classic route. maybe I'm wrong tho.
  8. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    In the end the sales model was decided by Raceroom rather than Simbin/Sector3. Not much they can do about it now.

    I agree that R3E being categorised as a F2P game on Steam probably doesn't do it any favours. F2P is unpopular and expectations of quality are often low.
  9. Personally I think they are losing players or have low players bc the game is in beta and is still limited. Also although it has come leaps and bounds in the last 5 months, it is still improving slowly...or slower then most impatient people want.

    This f2p model works in the favor of the players who spend less.
  10. imo (and i hope) this is only temporary, they should really push to release dedicated server asap, it will change everything (if they do it right). thats should be no1 priority atm. as long as it is not available, ppl will not consider this game as a real option for serious racing.
    pCars is for kids and naiv ppl who still beleives in the miracles...pCars most probably will be a fun arcade game with the best graphich we ever seen in a racing title...but that's it.
    AC is the another "illusionary" title, with shiny new graphic engine (the cars look really nice), and lots of "self polishing" promises and videos but somehow it is just not as it supposed to be. The AI is stupid like hell, the netcode is a crap, the sounds are just simply terribe (especially if you compare it to R3E), some of the cars feel real good, but some of em feels like i drive in NFS...
    don't know a lot about RF2, i habe it, sometimes im having fun with AI (for me best AI atm), but do not have any mp experience, and the modding side is a chaos for me.
    so i think R3E has the chance to be the no1 racing title for casual and semi-pro racing community, but they have to focus on ded servers to achieve that....
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