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R3E has been updated

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Sonat Ozturk, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk
    Sector3 Studios


    What’s New (Summary)

    New Features
    - Test Drive. Test any car for free.
    - Time of Day. Choose different time of day settings from sunrise to sunset to change the mood of your session.
    - Wheel Range in Car Setup. The game now automatically detects and sets the ideal wheel range for a car based on your wheel and its settings in the driver. This can also be manually changed in car setup.

    New Content:
    - WTCC Seat Leon
    - WTCC Chevrolet Cruze
    - WTCC Lada Granta
    - WTCC BMW E90 320
    - WTCC Honda Civic

    - Fixed an issue where the grid positions were not based on qualifying performance of the drivers when doing Single Race without Qualifying.
    - Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck with an “Already in a competition” message when entering a competition, backing out of it from car/livery selection menu and then trying to enter another competition.
    - Fixed an issue where user could not change the value in brake vibration under FFB settings.
    - Fixed an issue where during rolling start on Zandvoort, AI would finish their first lap when crossing the start line.
    - Added code to automatically set wheel range and steering lock if the steering wheel supports it.
    - Added steering setup screen under Car setup.
    - Added so the user can override default wheel range and steering lock on a per car basis.
    - Enabled Car setup for everyone (goes directly to steering setup if in novice or amateur)
    - Removed steering lock from Control Set (Since it's now stored per car if the user override the default value).
    - Decreased font size on car setup steeppers if the text doesn't fit
    - Fixed issue with timing screen scroll position
    - Fixed issue with steering wheel spinning by itself in race monitor.
    - Updated localisation.
    - Fixed so that the default control sets now show up in the menus if 1 of the devices that it's using have been connected.

    - Added livery id checks when clients join MP servers as opposed to just checking whether the user owns the content or not.

    AI & Audio & Physics & Controllers & Camera
    - Increased AI type grip on all cars.
    - Tweaked AI speed in Hungaroring.
    - Tweaked Suzuka Get Real AI speed.
    - Corrected front right spring strength and spring rates of Audi R8 Lms Ultra GTM.

    - Updated Monza with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.
    - Updated Hungaroring with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.
    - Updated Suzuka with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.

    - Removed Dashboard.
    - Newsfeed is now under My Profile.
    - Changed the look and feel of the portal store page and portal menus.
    - Added News & deals section.
    - Implemented Test Drive.
    - Implemented Time of day support.
    - Various optimizations in the backend.
    - Fixed so that the big livery image is properly centered.
    - Made the default livery clickable again for a larger image.
    - Fixed a scaling issue on images that appeared in favourite cars.
    - Fixed alignment issues on popups about required content to join an event.
    - Added Resend Activation Email Functionality when user tries to login with an account that is not yet activated.
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  2. You go girl! Keep it coming!
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  3. Apart from the introduction of sp & mp, i think this update is better than the last update. I mean the last update will always be the best update but damn... wtcc, time of day, steering detection etc... Oh and the store, oh my god the store looks way better now. Kudos to the html & css dudes/dudettes over there.
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  4. Ohh I'll add two feature requests for future updates (small ones imo):
    Please add a "Exit game" button in the new R3E interface, actually, add it top right corner in EVERY menu, so we don't have to click 3-4 times just to quit the game for the day.
    Also, please add a "buy ALL liveries" option to the store, with the same discount system that you use to check if we already own some of it.
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  5. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Well that's my night planned. Thanks Sector3! Just two more hours of work to get through first.....
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  6. I think you can just keep pressing escape and you'll end up in the portal asking you if you want to quit and just press enter
  7. gamer profile is not working, after update.
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  8. Yup. I can view my own profile but not the others.
  9. budlix

    Wheel Rotator Premium Member

    Hellyeah! Great job S3S. Today night will be loooong! (maybe as yours since this update ;)
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  10. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    After a spinning indicator goes on for a while and a red quit box appears underneath I then get taken to a page asking me to login and on the right side in a box it says "error 503 portal services unavailable"

    edit: just tried the r3e web page and that is also giving me an error when i try to login

    500: Internal Server Error
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Please try to refresh your page.
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  11. Here the same Marc.
  12. i can do leaderboard challenges, but no singleplayer race. :(

    edit: seems to work now :)
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  13. Good ideas!
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  14. that civic :inlove::inlove::inlove:
  15. Yup, drifting through the esses @ suzuka on sunset with the honda just put a huge smile on my face...sound, physics...awesome :thumbsup:
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  16. There is something strange with the steering force.
    After restarting the race or leader board challenge the steering force is much heavier.

    edit: The FFB is not the same anymore like before the update. Was happy with it....
    On every track i tested it's the same problem , the steering force change.

    Edit: Wheel G25
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2014
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  17. so if I understand correctly with the new automatic settings of the steering wheel I can leave my T500RS sttato of 900 fixed and go to the game as well?
  18. Georg Ortner

    Georg Ortner
    Sector3 Studios Premium Member

    Yeah, all you should do in your drivers is to disable spring and dampers.
    You can change the degrees of rotation in the game now (setup menu).
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  19. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    will. The game then match on screen wheel to the new degree?
  20. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    Doesn't matter if it's 40° or 1080°