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Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by AnaloguePlay, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. I've beenvplaying Dirt Rally for over 150 hours now but I want to give it ago but my question is does it work on windows 10 64bit Pro?

    And where can I buy a UK version?

    And anybody recommend any mods?

    How many cars and stages are they on the default game?
  2. Michael Nelson

    Michael Nelson

    I can't speak to Win10, but I've been using Windows 8.1 64 Pro without issue. I'm not hesitant to upgrade to Win 10 either, I suspect it should be fine. Hopefully someone else can chime in who's upgraded already.

    Gamesplanet has a digital version https://uk.gamesplanet.com/game/richard-burns-rally-download--2693-1 I've never ordered from there, but I think a few people around here have.

    I think Amazon also has physical copies.

    The go to mod is Rallyesim's RSRBR mod, which includes a whole ton of cars and tracks. It's what we use online here for the club and RDRC rallyes.

    In the default game there are 8 cars I believe, WRC cars from the early 2000s. There are 6 countries, 1 tarmac (France), 1 snow (Finland), and the rest gravel (Australia, USA, Japan, UK). Each of which has four or five stages + reverse. Not a super amount of content, but with mods it increases a lot.
  3. OK thanks for your help? Is the digital download steam or what platform? Also is there a sound mod because the sounds on the demo sound pretty bad
  4. Where can I get the latest patch? And RSRBR?