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Questions re first Fanatec pedals (Elite)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by JoelGL, May 27, 2015.

  1. Just got my Fanatec Elite pedals (first Fanatec product) that I'll use with my G27 wheel. Just want to ask if I'll need to download anything (Fanatec driver, control panel, firmware, etc) to run the Elite pedals with my G27 wheel? I've seen the Elite site and it didn't mention any, though I've read about others mention about calibrating them via a Contol Panel. Is this through Windows CP or Fanatec software?
    Update: Found drivers from the UK Fanatec site. First I looked at the U.S. site and they don't show any drivers. UK site shows 2 versions though, v1.15 and v1.44, which do you guys use?

    Also, I've read recommendations for prolonging the life of the load cell, where they suggest keeping the dial at 10 and adjusting brake strength or sensitivity in-game. I have AC, SCE, rF2 and don't remember seeing options for strength or sensitivity,though I'm aware of gamma. Thanks. Hope the jump up will be worth it.
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  2. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    I originally had mine on 10 but then changed to 6 for most of the games I drive on. For example on assetto corsa on 10 I was locking up badly with very little pressure. So rather than mess with the game settings I just adjusted the sensor instead. Whether that's right I don't know but it works for me. The only game I have issues with is Game Stock Car. Sometimes the brakes just don't want to slow me down enough. In fact the harder I press the worse it gets. Seems to respond better to firm pressure than hard. My only suggestion is the play around with the settings in the games and see what feels best for you. I know some people on here run different sensitively settings from game to game. For example Raceroom on 8 for me is perfect. The only other thing I've started doing is wearing my race boots. In long races the pressure required started to make my left foot go numb! Haha. I have mixed feelings on them. Sometimes they have great feel. Sometimes they drive me insane. In the f1 cars I simply can't brake as late as I could with my old style pedals. Just a learning process I guess.
  3. Thanks for the info @Andrew Harper. Now why am I reading this experience only now, as that I've already got the pedals.lol. We'll see after I try them out. Hope manageable as I'm also used to left-barefoot braking w/ my G27 & GTEye mod.
    Is there a brake sensitivity/strength setting in AC? And what version of drivers are you using?
  4. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    I just went for the latest version (v205). They are like a universal driver for both wheels and pedals.

    When you install the drivers, go to the calibration page (the Fanatec control panel) and using the feedback display adjust the load cell sensor so you get about 95% at a level you feel is achievable with your braking foot.

    For example I tried the sensor on 3 and pushed with all my strength and couldn't get the bar to move halfway! haha.

    Once that's all set, load your favourite sim and see how you go. I never really changed the in game settings too much. Just concentrated on getting used to using them. If I discover anything though I'll let you know.

    For example there is a brake pressure setting in Game Stock Car. I get the brake balance right first and then gradually lower the brake pressure until the front brakes stop locking (unless I brake heavily!)

    I'm not a sim racing expert so my main advice is really to play around with settings and see what you like.

    I shouldn't worry too much about the sensor wearing out. I think if you look after them they will last a fair amount of time.

    Hopefully some others on here will pitch in with advice as well.
  5. BTW, sorry to bother again, but where can I find the v205? Like I mentioned earlier, there are no drivers in the US site, while in the EU site, they only had v115 and v144. Note that I was looking under the Fanatec Elite pedals download link (since that's are the only Fanatec item I have). Thanks. :)
  6. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

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  7. Hi, finally got my load cell replacement. Is there a video or pics showing how to best install the load cell on the Fanatec Elite pedals? All I find on search are for the CSP's. I'm not sure if I can install them without removing the pedals from the frame (ie. from the top only), like when adjusting the pivot, and if I have to unscrew the strength dial too? Sorry, as I'm not too familiar yet with the Fanatec pedals. Video link or to photos of dismounting will really help. TIA.