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Questions about new season

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Adrian Rodriguez, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Ey guys! How are u?

    New season is coming and I have many questions about it.

    1. About weather. What will we do? Always sun? Random weather? Ill we use real weather?
    Also pressure, hum, etc.

    IMO the best option is to use a real prediction data in our league. For example if in Australia it's raining while we're running, we must drive in wet conditions (I know that it can be programate)

    2. Official server amd official mod. When it will be ready? Less than a month to start.

    3. About social media. I still say we not use enough social media. Twitter is almost empty, relationships with other communitys are 0, no advertises in any place. I think we can improve this so much.

    4.Internal media. Could be ok if we improve too this point. First could be do test with official mod and tracks. Fps, cams, quality, weak ponts..

    Also internal interwievs, by text, sound and video (like in real previous F1)

    5. Test

    As I said a few weeks ago, we will run with new sim this year. I see so calm into staff. We must do test before official races to see all its ok and works fine.

    Im writting with my phone, apologize for my grammar! Regards!!
  2. I'm not expert but I agree to it; teams and staff should check real weather prediction, it would be realistic. I think we should use an official weather prediction system (like Meteo France in F1, if I'm right).

    I think staff is testing ;)
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  3. 1. I have tested and we have discussed it internally with WC teams. No rain in first 3 rounds at least. If you want I can write motivations why it's crap in the current rF2 build. But for now I'm only going to say it doesn't work on the level we expect.

    2. Unlikely to be anything ready before Sunday a week before the season start. Mainly because there are no skins to put to mod, 90% of teams don't submit the skins until just before the deadline. Eduard is also working very hard on the new UI but it's not ready yet. The rest of the mod is same as Formula ISI, with inclusion of Launch Control.

    3. It's pretty much me alone doing the press stuff at moment. I try to submit the major news everywhere but Twitter should be improved on indeed. We'll have a discussion about what to do with the press team.

    4. Not much news here either because most teams haven't registered or announced line-ups yet, with few exceptions.

    5. Not going to happen with current rFactor2 build, as http and thus skin transfers are broken I don't see the point. Better to wait a few more days for the next build so we can test properly everything (skins, track download, joins, etc).
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  4. Another question.

    Wich changes will be from the Fórmula ISI mod to FSR mod??
  5. LC will be added. The rest is gonna be the same.
  6. I've got some questions about the PRO league too:
    1. Is there a parc ferme between q and race and is it mandatory to start on the tyres from q?
    2. what are the tyre rules for the race - free choice or mandatory to use both compounds?
    3. how many sets of tyres do we have for a race weekend, unlimited or like in real F1?
    4. The rules in the download section of GPCOS are from 2010. Are they going to stay the same?
  7. And to make it more clear, LC = launch control.
  8. 1. yes, there is parc ferme. We are discussing about the tires, we will do a post about it very soon.
    1. There will be parc ferme between Q2 and Race. About using same tires, its something we are discussing at the moment. We will bring out the new rulebook for 2014 very soon.

    2. As i said some lines before, we are discussing those kind of things for the next season, but its likely to be we are going to force the drivers to use both compounds (It isnt 100% sure yet).

    3. Unlimited tires.

    4. We will publish new rules very soon.
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  9. Rules are soon voted between WC teams after which Ace/Pro rules get released. Most things will be identical to 2013 rules, download here. The only main change is the race format for Ace and a new penalty system (published later).

    Forced use of two compounds in race was actually a written rule for 2013 in all series, but we removed it from WS&WT because it couldn't be reliabliy enforced with rFactor. With rFactor2 everyone can see the tire color in replay/xml so this will not be a problem anymore. rFactor2 cannot limit number of tire sets though.
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  10. I guess rFactor 2 has no option to force us to start on the same set of tyres we have used in qualifying, right?
  11. It does have the option to enforce drivers to use tire compounds from qualy, it also has the option to enforce drivers to start the race with the same amount of wear on their tires from the end of qualy.
  12. I tested this today. rFactor2 can force same compounds from Q2 to race, but then you don't have option to switch compounds in race. Same as with rFactor. So it will be enforced by rules instead; compound change after Q2 will result in DQ post-race.

    Regarding tire wear from Q2 to race, I didn't know you could change it, but seems you can in .rfm. Now I tested and it seems to work indeed. Anyway the idea is to have top 10 starting race with same wear as Q2 (as last season), unless other is decided.
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  13. Just be careful when editing the value as a percentage. If there isn't a full grid, then not everyone in the top 10 will carry tire wear over from qualy. Since it's a percentage of the amount of people in the session.
  14. Can we use more than 100L in the Race per hour? :whistling::roflmao:
  15. Yeah but only if you use FSR approved fuel flow sensor :)
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  16. In facebook, you can link it with twitter so that everything that is posted in FB is also automatically posted in twitter. That would help with twitter I think.