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Question about tire's and enigine's charts in AC

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Slawomir Judek, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Hi all. Question to AC developers. Are you going to implement traction vs. tire slip angle, traction vs. percent slip and Torque vs. RPM charts?
  2. magicfr


    AC don't use canned charts :)
  3. Do you mean real-time output like MOTEC?

    @magicfr: Don't know about the engine but you can build charts based on anything ;) . As I said I hope there are some infos in hud / telemetry, although usually drivers don't have that data while driving.
  4. magicfr


    Oh, I understood the question at opposite, my bad. I thought he was asking if we could modify charts to mod the tire model.
    Sorry about that. :)

    btw , engine cartography should be 3D charts rpm vs throttle vs rpm chart ;)

    Charts are always good to validate parameters, I'm pretty sure Stefano already have lots of them , as I understand their policy, they want to hide nothing to us, so lets hope they will give us acces to charts :)
  5. No, like Motec. However it would be really nice to have real-time telemetry in cars which in real live have live-time telemetry. I mean, charts like those in GTR 2, when you choose the car (Torque vs RPM). Traction vs. tire slip angle and traction vs. percent slip charts depend on the tire. I'm only an amateur but as far as I concerned different types of tires have slightly different or similar slip angles (it's an angle when the tire has the best traction when cornering) [Traction vs. tire slip angle chart] and different percent slip (it's an percent slip when the tire has the best traction when braking or accelerating) [traction vs. percent slip] I know Motec but I don't think I can create math channels which show me these 3 charts but maybe I'm wrong.

    btw , engine cartography should be 3D charts rpm vs throttle vs rpm chart (Please, tell me how to qoute one part of somebody's reply :rolleyes:

    I don't think you need throttle in this chart. Charts I saw hadonly Torque vs RPM
  6. magicfr


    There will be a plug system like rFactor 1&2 in AC, so I'm pretty sure somebody will do a plug to export data to Motec style datas.