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Physics question about the acd file

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by TrailSlide, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. TrailSlide


    Hi guys,

    Once I extracted the ACD file, and edited the physic files, do I need to repack it in order to use it? I'm trying to make a series of changes to the suspension geometry and evaluate the handling change.
    Is there any way to run it without repacking back into ACD file?
  2. Eh, you should not unpack and rewrite and files for usage on existing cars. Yes one can unpack them, but we do it to fill knowledge gaps the SDKs won't fill.

    What are planning to do?
  3. aphidgod

    'bout to cut some sh-- up with my crab hand. Premium

    I suppose this information is general enough... It's not necessarily a Kunos car in question. I've opened .acd files for old/abandoned mods to add dash cams, fix incompatibilities after AC updates, etc. It's plausibly legit. :unsure:

    The quick answer is... rename the source file to orig.acd or something and put the extracted files in a folder called "data". Job done. Repacking is unnecessary.

    Remember please to treat others' data with respect. Educating yourself is one thing, but please don't abuse it. Someone worked hard to fill up that ACD originally.
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  4. TrailSlide


    yes this is a old mod that i'm trying to change, it's for my private use only.

    Not an official car
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  5. Not to mention that it may contain very sensitive data.
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