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Question about Fundidora track

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Robin Johansson, Nov 20, 2010.

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  1. we on gubbklubben cant join our server its standing incompatibel game version and the same thing happend when i try to join flatout whith wrong password same text is up but if i join cor or blue flag just wrong pass word is showing.
    Do some more team have the same problem we have install the mod 2 times but no diffrent.
    can someone try to join our server plz
  2. I read also something about it on the TBR forum.
    I think its the same as the problem with the Abu Dhabi track for Evo. You need a extra track next to it on the server. So you join that track and then change track to Fundidora ingame. :)
  3. Yes, if you do that it works and you can even join when the game has been advanced to the next (Fundidora) track.
  4. The reason it works on the BFR server is that another track was loaded first (together with the Fundidora track) and then advanced to the Fundidora track. You can then join the server while the Fundidora track is loaded. Have not tried loading it as first track together with another track. Might work??
  5. You need to load another track first, then join the server and vote for next track (Fundidora). Form now on you can continue driving and also joining the server.
    Advancing to the next track (Fundidora) from the server console with no drivers connected makes it still say "Incompatible game version" when trying to join.
  6. strange but that work whit 2 tracks on the server
    thanks for the help
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.