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Question about career mode?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by isamu, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Hi. I am about to start Career Mode for the first time. I have a couple questions:

    1)How long does it typically take to fully complete a 7 season career? Two weeks? Three weeks? A month?

    2)I am now at rank 50 online. I pretty much know all the tracks fairly well, and have won my fair share of races against some top notch guys. That being said, which difficulty would you recommend I set the AI to? Is it true "Hard" is embarrassingly easy? How difficult is Savage?

    3)Did any of you guys stop playing career due to repetitiveness, or due to wanting to play online multiplayer instead?
  2. 1) I have been spending a lot of time on career mode. I race long race weekends and use about 1-2 hours of practice time but it's my first season and I don't know the tracks very well. I race 100% races so it takes me about an evening to do one race (uninterrupted). So I can get through 2-3 races a week meaning it would take me about 6 or so weeks before I am done 1 season. I am going to say it would take about the same time for the rest since there are still upgrades and practice needed for each consecutive season so to do the whole seven it would take 42 weeks but maybe closer to 30-35 if I don't need a lot of practice and had lots of dedication.

    Now if you are not learning the tracks and actually just practicing then you could probably get through 3-5 100% races per week so it would take about a month to do one season. Less if you race 50% or 20% obviously.

    2)I would recommend you play with assists off ( or Med TCS and ABS if you must) Tyre and Full sims ON and the AI set to Intermediate or Professional. I strongly recommend RDDev True AI mod 1.4 and this mod is why I don't recommend Legend AI as it is brutally hard with this mod.

    3) Haven't stopped playing yet as I'm still in the 1st season at Istanbul :p
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm sorry but I don't think I'll be doing 100% or even 20% races. 10% for me, as I start to experience repetitiveness after 6 or 7 laps around the same track, especially against AI cars. Racing online against other human beings is a different story however, as that is obviously more exciting.

    Hell, I might even use the trainer to reduce the lap race count to 3 or 4, so I can make through career faster. I don't want to spend 7 or 8 months playing career. That is simply too much, especially considering a new version, 2011 will be here before you can blink, not too mention I want to move onto iRacing soon.

    As far as AIDS go, I've been racing only with TCS and ABS online. I've tried turning them off but it's brutally hard keeping the car from spinning out upon exiting a corner. I *do* have a very professional set of pedals however(CST Cannon) and I hear it's all about foot and throttle control, so perhaps I'll turn all of them off for career mode and say the hell with it lol.
  4. Doesnt sound much fun that. Maybe its because I havent modded, but the minimum I can select is 20% and thats on average 10 or so laps - hardly a long race. What are you trying to achieve by doing 3 lap career mode races? Its a driving game, so the point is - driving, not completing the game in record time surely??
  5. well, I didn't say I would do it for SURE, I said I might do it. Upon reflection however, I'll just stick to a proper 20%. I think that suits me just fine :)
  6. I hope you find a race setting that allow you enjoy the game.

    Anyway, I think that if you find "boring" or repetitive make more than 6 or 7 laps, maybe F1 is not your game, because F1 is about rhythm, consistency and do almost the same lap after lap just modifying slightly your track's references as the car is making lighter or the tyres loosing grip or according to the race situation, what demands a lot of concentration around the whole race.

    It's depends on everyone taste, but for me career mode at 10% makes no sense.
  7. Hi guys :) OK I've decided on a 5yr season @ 20%. Surprisingly not as repetitive as thought :)
  8. Glad you have got it sorted, isamu.

    But I agree with xelotfs that with a shorter race you are missing out on some of the main essence of F1. I race 100% length so that I feel like I'm racing in a Grand Prix, if I wanted short races I'd play Forza or GT5. I also play with no OSD so I have to learn the circuits because I have no hints from the minimap. I have to drive fast every lap and can't slack off because I have no idea how far I am in front or behind the other cars. And since I don't have a lap timer I have to count each lap and just focus on driving fast because I don't know my sector times.

    The end result is that with 100% race and no OSD you become fully immersed in the game which is quite a challenge but one that I really enjoy.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I will keep that in mind glight.

    OK questions:

    1)How important are the qualifying sessions? Obviously you want to place as high as you can on the grid, but let's put that aside for a moment... It has objectives like come it 15th place or above. What if you decide to skip qualy altogether and move onto to the race and don't mind starting from the back of the grid? Will it hurt or hinder your career in any way shape or form? Or can it pretty much be disregarded?

    2)OK let's say you enjoy qualifying but have already placed a good time on the grid and want to move on...20 minutes is a long time to wait. More importantly, If you skip to the race, will the grid position you've attained be disregarded?
  10. If you set a good time you can speed up time in the pitbox while viewing the monitor with the laptimescreens. ;)
  11. Setting a good qualy time is always good :D but usually even from the back of the grid you can make up quite a few places the first few lap's. I say usually as their is new AI out and they make life extremely hard indeed. So with CM AI it is not a major factor at lower level AI pro and legend I would not skip qualy but that depend's on how good a driver you are :D
  12. Thanks.

    But what about the qualifying objectives? Will skipping those and moving on to the race hurt your career in any way as far as points or whatever? Or is a good podium finish in the race itself all that matters this game?
  13. I think it will alter your respect meter in that you won't get as much !
  14. Ahh I see. Thanks Dave. I'll probably just fast forward time in qualy from now on then.
  15. Come on m8, get a grip! I can't c the point avin tcs an and on, either in career or online, wots the fun or skill in usin the throttle like a switch? I use no assists in career or online, yes I get beat more often than I poss would if I used noob tcs but wots the point? Do yourself a favour switch em off and in career change difficulty to expert an give yourself something to think about, as for race distance in career its got to b min of 20% I agree with glight, anyone can do 1 or 2 good laps but to do it consistently for 15/20 laps is more of a challenge.
  16. Hello Steven. I forgot to mention to you all, that I decided to turn off ALL aids before starting my career yesterday. So yes, I've been racing "raw" all this time. It is not so bad actually. However, there are times when I am on a certain part of the track, exiting a turn and the car for some reason STILL decides to magically spin it self out DESPITE my foot being barely on the throttle! Seems some of the turns are kinda buggy or something I dunno. Some turns I can go more on the throttle and have a nice exit, while on some other turns if I so much as graze the throttle with the tiniest bit of pressure I go spinning. Wassup with that? Is that normal?
  17. Another question I seriously can't believe I forgot to ask LOL...

    How many races are there in a season? And where do I go to see how far I am in the season and how many races are left before it's complete? Also do contract offers come in the middle, or the end of each season?
  18. There are 19 races in the 2010 season. Your career mode should say Race 7 Instanbul when you load it up (or just in your trailer). If you want to see which race is next just go to gp mode and scroll through the tracks, they are in order.

    If you are doing well enough you get contract offers mid season, on my old career I had an offer to sign for lotus again really early but by Monza (race 14) I had offers from Toro Rosso and HRT. I think the longer you wait the better the offers (as long as you are still finishing well). Also the Agent will give you a little lesson on the contract screen when you get interest from other teams. The answers you give in interviews affect how much other teams like you to an extent, but not as much as winning does! (I restarted my career because I was smoking everybody playing on Hard with Tyre sim off, too many wins and WDC in 1st of 7 seasons :) )

    I play with medium TCS and ABS because of the pedals I am using on the DFGT. They are either off, halfway on, or 100% on and I find it VERY difficult to feather the throttle or threshold break because the pedals are so light. I am upgrading to a set of Fanatec Clubsport pedals and I will see how I do with no assists then ;)
  19. Ahh I see. Awesome and thanks for the explanation. I am doing surprisingly well at the moment running with BMW Sauber. Got two podium finishes already playing Intermediate and now I'm thinking of upping the ai to Legend :)

    Any of you guys manage to do most if not all of career on Legend AI? If so, are there any added perks or benefits to doing so? Do you get an xbox acheivement as well?
  20. Guys I'm in the middle of a race and my spotter keeps suggesting that I raise my front wing or whatever. How do I do this? What is the key to raise/lower the wings of the car?