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Puy du Lac - Crashes RSCenter

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Pete Mull, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I have previously run this stage ok through RSCenter (03) using RSRBR but now when I try to run the stage it fails and just returns me to RSCenter.

    I've re-installed the complete track pack but to no avail, I am therefore assuming that I need to uninstall RSCenter and re-install it.
    Anyone know how I can do this.
  2. Pete, just a stab in the dark, but any chance you are using a modded pacenote file for Puy?
    If so, try putting the original back in and see if it works again.
  3. I have re-installed all of the Track Pack so that should have overwritten all the track information shouldn't it ?
    I've also posted on RS - will post back here if they come up with anything.

    Yes, I was editing pacenotes but it may have screwed up something in RSCenter, the replay still runs ok just fails when I run
    through RSRBR
  4. I don't know if that would restore the original Pacenote file. You may need to re-install RSRBR2012 to get it back. However, I could upload my default files (eg. track-1012_M.dls) for you if you want.

    Pacenote editing in RBR.dll can be temperamental and cause these crashes.
    I have had the same crashing problem after making one change to the pacenotes, but restoring the original or a backed up file has fixed it. Occasionally changing pacenote calls can be touchy, one call crashes it, another call is ok.
  5. The original .dls file has been replaced but according to my information, RSCenter does all kinds of shuffling with files. If it happens to fail when it has one of these files open or renamed then it can cause the program not to function correctly next time it is opened. I think that is what has happened and it will probably mean that I have to re-install RSCenter.

    Have you ever found a way of reinstalling RSCenter without re-doing the whole installation from scratch?
  6. I always do the re-install from scratch just to be safe and sure.
    However, you could try just re-installing RSRBR2012 and the Updates over the top of your existing install. If you are going to do it all from scratch, then you don't have much to lose by trying that?
  7. Well, I would recommend keeping the old installation as a backup copy (changed DLS files!) and then doing a fresh install of a vanilla RBR + patch 1.02.
    From this fresh, vanilla install make a 7z or whatever compressed backup to be able to restore the base install.

    Never install into an existing and potentially screwed up installation.

    Then simply reinstall rsrbr on top of this master copy.

    Should take only a few mouse clicks and half an hour. Maybe.
  8. Surely this approach won't cover all aspects of RBR/RSCenter failure because it doesn't take account of any Registry corruption that might cause a problem. The only foolproof way is to do the fresh installations and then either do a complete C:\ drive backup using something like Acronis True Image. Another alternative that may work is to do the installations, backup the RBR Directory then create a Restore point with Windows. I do believe that this will do a registry backup as well as other system information.

    I've used a System Restore previously to recover from a failure in RSCenter but this time it didn't work.

    Edited: Windows 7 does have an image backup facility so it might be worth looking at that.
  9. I doubt that a possibly corrupted registry could lead to such problems.

    If only one stage does not work while all others do, it for sure is a problem of that stage.

    If you have wrong TrackSettings.ini entries or missing textures due to a corrupted textures.rbz or wrong weather or surface settings (worn, wet ect) the game might crash as well.

    Actually never had to reinstall the game ... ooopps ... I do not use rsrbr ;)

    Wait, just had a look into the registry. Have to admit that I do have a 2010 rsrbr installation for "evaluation" purposes only.
    I do not see any offending entries that could cause the game to crash, and I doubt that the frenchy made that big changes in 2012 in regard to the registry.

    I suppose rsrbr has run outa sync while moving some ini entries and/or files around.
  10. I've just seen what Fernando posted in R3 about this stage not having 'covered damp' I had that selected in RSCenter and that's why it crashes.
    Another release that hasn't been tested fully :(
  11. That can't be your problem Pete, I can run Puy du Lac off-line with 'Covered Damp' without problems. ;)

    What Fernando was advising was that RSCenter won't allow Covered Damp as a choice for On-line Sessions. There are quite a few cases like that, weather choices are not available on the Server for On-Line, but you can drive them ok Off-line.

    In RSCenter, if a stage weather is not available Off-line, it wont even let you select it. It won't cause a crash of the stage.
  12. It must be the problem as when I change the weather condition the track loaded and ran ok.
    So, it's certainly a problem on my installation even if it isn't on yours.

    From what Workerbee said it could well be that RSCenter has screwed up the 'covered damp'