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puff/trail of dust

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by DiamondLogic, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Hi All.. this is my first question I've needed to ask since I finally decided 2 weeks ago to try and build a track for rFactor using btb pro, I have watched all the tutorial btb vid's on youtube but now this little bit is driving me mad, I imagined that if you place the gravel or sand material on the terrain anywhere adjacent to your track, then if a vehicle drove over that patch it would produce a puff/trail of dust, I have used both sand and gravel by blending with the grass and as a prime material without success, and I have seen that affect in many tracks..

    pls help..
  2. look at the tdf files, and read the first section, you can customise the terrain file after, with added dust.and so on.

    make sure your material has the hardcoded names in it.

  3. hi, can we adjust the amount/ quality of effect in rfactor?, look for it, I saw it somewhere, or I m wrong? ...............

  4. yes, all parts of rfactor are moddable.smoke effects,dust,sparks,tire skids,friction.and the rest.

    roadbumps section

  5. Try changing your rfactor material name to "dstg" in BTB under the edit materials tab.
    Make sure you click OK for it to work.