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Public GT-Club @ Brands Hatch Wed 2/18

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Eric. K, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. There will be a public RACEDEPARTMENT.COM USA server setup on Wed @ Brands Hatch with the GT-Clubs on 2/18.
    - Qualifiers 30mins
    - Race 6laps

    I will not be racing, but I will spectat all the action. I cant be watching everyone at all times. If you see any suspicious behavior save a quick chat that says "server help" and I'll get to u right away:) I know it is a little cheesy, but it will help me to boot the bad apples a little faster.

    Hope to see you guys tomorrow to promote RD in North America.
  2. I will be there Eric. with my preset for (server help)
  3. So will I
  4. what time is this going to begin? I am EST and not available til about 8:30 but would love to finally get out there w/ you guys.
  5. Sorry Eric... I can put the server up early on, but I wont be able to get on until later in the evening...
  6. ok thanks E
  7. Could I host some races for public consumption under the RD banner? This would allow East guys some chance to race without getting you stuck in the 3 hour difference?
  8. Server is up.
  9. Thanks a zillion Eric!! I'll be there ~ 8PST (4:00GMT)
  10. Eric thanks for putting in the time to host a race.

    I am totally out of my league in a GT car right now. Dramatically different than the race 07 cars and I am waaaay over my head tonight.

    Going to have to checj out the set ups forum and down load some files and see if that helps me out.

    Thanks again for hosting!
  11. No you're not. It's ALL about fun!!!!
  12. Sorry guys, I had dinner and spent some time with the family :) I might have missed some action.

    Yes Eric RWD are a little harder to handle:) but soooo much more fun IMO..
  13. Eric,

    Not so much the RWD got me as I couldn't find any balance in the car. It would go from understeer to over steer prtty easily so I was flashy but slow as hell on a track I know very well.

    I started in the Z4 but it was really tough to drive. I went to viper next and it was more stable but still not an effective set up in it yet for me.

    Like everything else, I'll have to learn the car as I definitely wil jump in anything and try to make it fly!
  14. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    You just have to be much smoother in the gt's Eric. Make all your actions long, smooth and deliberate. You need to plan ahead a little more than in the Touring cars because of the extra distance you will travel during your reaction time. Other main thing to remember is that often half throttle and short shifting out of corners will be as quick as giving it the beans and spinning the rears a bit.

    As with all the cars in Race the default setups are quite understeary so its worth checking out the setup guide for a few quick tips on resolving that and getting the car a bit more nimble and responsive, however doing so will require more control of the throttle on corner exit.
  15. Sorry I missed the races, guys :( Spent from 3:30 to 11:30 tearing walls down in my Sister's house. Doh. I was looking forward to the GT-Club races.

    Eric, grats on SUPERMODERATOR! What powers did they give you? :D
  16. Don't encourage him Sean :laugh2: He's been showing signs of megalomania recently. :rotfl:

    (seriously though, grats Eric you're doing a great job!)