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PS3 Eye

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Rob Simms, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Anyone plan on using the head tracking capability of GT5?

    I'm glad, that I waited for the eye. I just bought the move bundle!

    I'm looking forward to racing with everyone here in the PS3 forum with GT5. :)
  2. Yeah I'll be trying it, I also got my camera with the Move bundle
  3. Ill see when I hear good things from you about it, I may buy the Move pack..
  4. Just seen this post very interesting,I do have the track ir for the pc but I haven't used it in a long time might just be tempted to get it out again lol but what way will the ps3 eye work?
  5. Rather than require a reflective dot it tracks your head shape as far as I have seen from the video's.
  6. Didn't know one can use it for GT5 similar to Track IR

  7. Only thing I'm worried about is delayed & inaccurate response that I had read somewhere... hopefully you guys will cancel that out :)
  8. Those problems were in the demo version. Most of the time the camera either had bad background lighting issues, other people behind the camera, or was not secured properly at the demo.
  9. Yeah some of the issues were commented at trade shows where there is a lot of ambient light, camera lights, flash guns etc and just not being set up right. I have the Playstation Move set up at home and it can be disturbed a little bit of there is a lot of light behind the player but I think for me in particular using my racing seat and having the camera set up for that it shouldn't be a problem. We'll have to wait and see.
  10. Check the video out below!

    The eye on wide angle just catches the blades on my ceiling fan, but it does not interfere with the PS move game play! The best way to set the eye lighting is to go into video chat!
  11. There is no setup in the chat, but you can adjust the lighting in the room as needed!
  12. Glad to know that the PS3 eye works OK, the move bundle does look very appealing but I'll rather wait until June for another 100$ expenditure ;)
  13. I just bought the Move today for €81. Starter kit + navigation controller. Let's just see now what it does lol..
  14. i'm a bit limited in my gaming room, i also got my eye, in the move bundle, hopefully it will work out well in my confined spaces..*fingers crossed