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PS3 controller on PC

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Crunge92, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Hey, I'm using a PS3 controller on my PC using MotioninJoy. I was wondering if anyone else had fiddled with the sensitivity settings under "advanced wheel settings". I've been toying around with it, but it always seems to be either too sensitive or not sensitive enough. It's hard to describe, I'm basically just wondering if anyone has gotten their settings to a comfortable level?
  2. Help getting PS3 controller working with PC

    I am really struggling to get the PS3 controller working with the PC version of the game. I have motionjoy programme up and it seems to be working on that end. But when i choose "gamepad" when in the game options, when i move my PS3 control's it does not respond with the menu. I have tried alt tabbing then redoing motionjoy.

    If someone got this working can you be a gent and tell me how you get it working? Playing this on a keyboard is hard.

  3. Hmm scrap this. I actually got it working but the controllers seem a little off. Anyone got optimal settings with the PS3 controller?
  4. How did you accomplish this? I am still trying to get it to work. I assigned all the buttons but during racing only change camera view and look back works. I can't navigate the menus with the joystick either. Thanks in advance.
  5. With motioninjoy 0.6.0004, under "profiles", choose the option "xbox 360 controller emulator".
    This will make possible to use all the features in any game related to controls. Because most of titles today use xinput due to Microsofts objective to make Xbox and PC one big platform of their own.

    About settings in F1 2011:
    go to the button assign page and change one command (could be anyone).
    By doing so, now youll be able to choose "override input...".
    Then choose "steering wheel" and in the advanced options for wheel, set everything to 0%

    This will make the controls way much responssible, jus like a real wheel. In the begginning you may struggle to get used to it but after that its very rewarding.

    And tips:

    When using a real xbox 360 controller, you've got to pu a bit of deadzone. 10% minimum, because the thumbsticks have a design flaw: they do not return to the neutral position when you release them. They lack in resistance.
    But increasing the deadzone, youre gonna have to increase the steering sensitivity to almost 75% to have most of the precision and responsiveness back.
    With the xbox 360 controller, the both trigger will use the same axe. Making impossible to play mos of the simulators (F1 2011 manage to reduce this problem of xinput).
    To go around this, replace the Microsofts drivers eith others like XBCD.
  6. See my other reply.

    And I have to mention:

    due to the sixaxis/ds3 thumbsticks positioning, you will not be able to use the kers in the left button (L1 in the ps3 case).
    Thats gonna ruin your handling. Different from the xbox 360 gamepad wich has the left thumbstick in a more natural position.

    The PS3 advantage is theat the thumbsticks has more resistance and precision
  7. hey, can anyone do me a favor:

    test the xbox 360 controller in the PC to check this:

    go to the controllers properties in windows and hold the triggers to one direction and then release them.

    Ive already try 2 original 360 gamepads and they have this design flaw:

    they do not return to the absolute 0 position when released. Then you gonna have to put some deadzone in every game.

    by the way this is the default option in F1 2011: 20% deadzone.