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Featured 'Project CARS On Demand' & Racing Icons DLC unveiled

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Dennis, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    Just in time for Le Mans, Slightly Mad Studios has revealed the Racing Icons DLC and have published their support plans for Project Cars, dubbed "Project Cars On Demand".

    The Racing Icons pack adds Bentley to the game, as well as three classic Le Mans prototypes from BMW, Mercedes and McLaren; if it tickles your fancy, the car pack is sold for 2,99€ on Steam.

    Included Cars:
    • 2003 Bentley EXP Speed 8
    • 2013 Bentley Continental GT GT3
    • 1999 BMW LMR V12
    • 1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK LM
    • 1997 Mclaren F1 GTR Longtail
    With what seems to be the complete list of DLCs leaked on Amazon.de earlier this year, some other content that will become available includes:
    • "Audi Ruapuna Speedway"
    • "Alt gegen Neu" (Old vs New) car pack
    • "Red Bull Ignition"
    • "Aston Martin" car pack
    • "Lotus-Klassiker" (Lotus classics)
    • "Renault Sport" car pack
    • "Toyota & Mitsubishi Macau"
    • "Ford Oval Racing"
    "Project Cars On Demand", meanwhile, will allow users to "pick and choose the cars & tracks they want - without being locked in to a pre-paid scheme". So, it appears the game won't have "the usual obligation of purchasing a long-term season pass". However, it's not clear yet how this will exactly work.

    PCars will receive free cars, liveries and feature updates throughout 2015, along with, obviously, paid car and track packs. The SMS team has published the following infographic to sum up the raft of additional content coming to the game. What do you think of it?

    pcars (1).jpg
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  2. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Do I also get bug fixes when I buy this?
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  3. It'd be nice if they told us about the vintage tracks as well. I am OK with vintage LeMans cars, but I don't want to race them on the modern layout.

    Also, the packs seem reasonably priced, unless I misunderstood something. So I am fine with it.

    I just wished they addressed the missing features which are pretty glaring at the moment. I and many other brought them up during development and we were told "It's alpha". Fair enough.

    Now I would like to save more than one setup per car/track, get a better pit control (including driving my car in the pits) and have more than 1 custom livery per car too.

    I'd be a lot more impressed by new content if those things were fixed, along with some of the other issues I am not thinking of at the moment. Like the AI passing you on the grass.
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  4. John Addison

    John Addison

    Agree, all well and good but really they need to address the issues mentioned above before they snag more of our funds....;)
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  5. As much as I'd like to have the new cars and it is a reasonable price, they're not getting another red cent from me until this magical patch is out and I see improvements. I've already wasted $50 on this game, not wasting another $3 on it.
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  7. Nope, those cost extra.... :p
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  8. Wrong information - the Patch is not out
    Only the DLC itself is out, but the DLC was already included in 1.3 - you just need to buy it to be able to "activate" the cars.

    If you see in the internet the possibility to download 1.4, its most likely a Virus / Trojan!

    P.s. @MOD Sry for using too much Bold ... postedited it in meantime :D
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  9. Not out "officially" & i never said it was . Interesting that both the ones i found were uploaded by people with solid enough reputations on the website so i suppose only time will tell if this changelog matches the official one whenever it gets released .
  10. The Bentley is nice. Sounds great.
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  11. i played a bit of racing room experience yesterday, the FFB there is fantastic, your realy feel the road and so much more....
    after that went back to project cars and the FFB was so DEAD compared to R3R, it felt so bad that I just stopped playing Project Cars..... please also address basic stuff before starting thinking about DLC ( free or paying)
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  12. jimortality


    Really? do you have a direct drive wheel as that seems to be the only way to get the right feel in RRRE in my humble opinion which does not represent the opinion of my fellow forum members.
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  13. No, this is not Assetto Corsa, AC needs bug fixes after bug fixes but this PC works fine :)
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  14. Sheamus Power

    Sheamus Power
    Diehard Nismo Fan

    5 new cars for $3 is a pretty damn good deal, I hope future DLC is going to be similarly priced. That being said, hopefully 1.4 pops soon too. (Also still no word on Nissans? :( )
  15. the steering feeling in RRR is much more immersive...Project cars felt a bit dull and lifeless immediately after that, but I guess its just a matter of getting used to it..
  16. jimortality


    Yes and subjective. I'd love to play RRRE more but I've spent that long with project cars ffb that I can't bring myself to go through it all again with RRRE lol. I will eventually as I think it is a good game.
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  17. Lazarou


    If you want decent FFB out of the box drive RF2 or Stock Car Extreme. If you want to spend hours fannying about in FFB menus play PCars or R3E.

    AC is is just meh.

    I can't put it any more plainly than that.
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  18. jimortality


    RF2 and Stock Car extreme are so last year @Lazarou ;)
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  19. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Could be so last decade for all I care........if they are good, they are good simple as that.

    New is not always better!
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  20. jimortality


    You see the funny smiley in my post from Lazarou and my wink at the end of the post well that's called humour :)
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