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Project Cars negative preview

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by yellowpinkie, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Andy Jackson

    Andy Jackson
    Sponsored by BRUT Premium Member

    Well this will be a blow for SMS/WMD. I wonder if they will try and sue the website? Call them haters etc. Only time will tell I suppose. But I am beginning to think that the Pcars project is not the be all sim they said it was going to be. Hopefully the PC version will fair better.
  2. Come on Andrew... You know better than that...

    Anyway, this preview was written two months ago and it has already been posted on the WMD portal. So, hum... yeah...
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  3. Andy Jackson

    Andy Jackson
    Sponsored by BRUT Premium Member

    I didn't know that. I don't read the WMD forums. They are full of investors. :notworthy::notworthy::whistling:
  4. So how are the graphics? From what I can see on YouTube they look pretty sweet (even on the ps4;))

    How do they compare to shift2/grid autosport?
  5. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    The performance is getting better all the time, I'm able to run triple screens (5860x1080) with a single GTX980 and still get a pretty good looking game. pCARS has the detail if you have the horsepower.
    I can easily run Shift2 and GRID AS at MAX settings, but neither can reach the level of detail pCARS can.
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  6. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium Member

    I don't know why people that don't support certain titles waste there time bashing them? There's plenty of titles out there for everyone to enjoy and each has there core followers.
    What drew me into the pcars project more than anything else was the fact they wanted to work with the community Which no dev team has done before....and feel they have done a great job ! Hopefully the second time around they will have learnt from there mistakes and handle certain things differently.
    If you feel they haven't lived up to your standards and put money into the game......Simply ask for a refund and put that money towards something that will make you happy :)
    I have and play every sim on the market, and each have there strengths and weaknesses....There is no "be all sim" on the market. Which to me is slightly puzzling due to the increase of racing titles in the past few yrs. You would think that one of the devs would have taken a step back, look at the strengths of each and incorporate it into there title?
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  7. Lot's of Debbie Downers out there. They will all be getting Project CARS when it comes out and racing in their closets. Avoiding any MP on-line because they don't want to get caught racing in a title they hated on. Good thing for them it has really good AI. They are going to need it.:D
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  8. Robin

    Premium Member

    That's why its such a gamble to put out preview copies.
    You can get a whole lot of people not knowing what they are talking about, but nevertheless voicing their opinion on the internet. Yet you also want to Market your product...

    But this guy lets shine through that he is more a casual racer than a simracer, especially in the end.

    There is no telling how well and complete things like assists and physics are in a preview build.

    People should just refrein from writing those articles about games that arent finished yet.
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  9. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium Member

    @Chronus would you like to elaborate on the part of my comment you disagree with ?
  10. Robin

    Premium Member

    Or mine or @SnappyDEe 's post for that matter?
  11. I think it's okay for journalists to be critical of any topic/product but I do worry bout the reader's interpretation of one person's "informed opinion". To many gamers out there any racing title is just that,...another racing title. However, as we know, not all racing titles are trying to accomplish the same thing. He repeatedly compares individual parts of pCars to individual elements of GT6 and DC. I personally would never even try DC. Not because it is "beneath me" or not a "real sim" but because that type of racing title doesn't interest me. That's the part of sim racing and all it's intricacies that gets lost on the casual gamer/racer. Besides, a large part of graphics is subjective. Some people prefer super photo realism and some are happy with the non realistic look. Heck, some even exclaim that they "don't care about graphics". I don't understand that one.

    I am testing pCars daily, and while I don't know what category of sim racer I fall in to, I am really enjoying it and I firmly believe many others will too. Even some of the current skeptics.

    Anyone: What makes one a "hard core" sim racer? ....

    And with that,...I leave the can of worms open for you all.;)
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  12. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium Member

    Definition or a hard core sim racer:
    One who believes good graphics and physics cant be brought together in one title, also the cars must be more difficult to handle and have less grip than its real life counter part :)
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  13. stopped reading very quickly...'doesnt look like driveclub and is rly hard'.

    not speaking to us guys...

    and its ignorant to boot, forza has no ToD, everything is pre-baked to perfection while pCARS is dynamic, not locked to 30 fps, bleh why am i wasting time
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2015
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  14. @yusupov- I know you cut yourself off there but I think I know where you were going.

    I have to add that I feel like some of the "non-sim" racing titles do have value, even to the "hard core" sim racing community, for one simple fact: They sure to lure more racers to this obsession of sim racing that we have. That is good for the hobby. It's always good to have more racers. I know...some of them may not be the fairest or the fastest but more racers is still good.
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  15. of course they have value, my problem isnt with them. its that directly comparing pCARS to driveclub is asinine...can you imagine what this guy would have to say about rfactor2?

    and obviously i dont expect videogame critics to be simdweebs like us, but at least a basic level of understanding would be nice.

    i admit pCARS did, in a sense, set themselves up for this with all the car-porn ads, not much at all (officially) showing off or discussing authenticity. also just an unprecedented risk making a sim for console.

    i just hope it wont be/hasnt been dumbed down at simulation level difficulties to avoid reviews like this, thus making no one happy. starting to wish theyd kept this PC only to avoid the bruises my forehead is going to suffer from seeing console kiddie comments & reviews like this one.
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  16. Not all console racers are kiddies. Some of us take our racing very seriously but do not have the freedom to splash out on high powered PC's to give us our racing fix.
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  17. absolutely, ive a bad tendency for that dismissive phrasing, but im talking about the sterotypical console gamer (or just gamer, period); this is a pretty poor harbinger of how the mainstream might comprehend racing sims. if you visit things like this site regularly (basically, if youre reading this), you can be very much assured im not directing my comments at you. :)
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  18. @Peter Hooper - I had no intent to offend console racers and your point is absolutely valid. Not everyone is fortunate to indulge in PC sim racing. A lot of us started on console and transitioned as well. I enjoyed the hell out of Forza 4 and did a lot of club racing there (not a fan of Forza 5, sorry). The fact that SMS wants to get to the console racers will probably end up being a huge financial gain for them.
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  19. No offense taken guys, just wanted to make sure we weren't all thought of as non-serious. No doubt I would be racing on a PC again if circumstances allowed but the console has been my home for the last 5 years and I know how much time and effort many of the guys I race with spend on the various games we play.

    Enjoying the info and chat on here :thumbsup:
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