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Problems with styrofoam signs and pylons

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by LockeF1, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Hey,

    i've a problem with styrofoam signs (like the drs sign) and with the pylons too. When I drive at those things they must be thrown away or must be broken. But just my car crashed and those tings are still there like a wall.
    Do you know what i can do to make this right? :(

  2. Try... NOT crashing into them? Usually they're outside the track and... you know, you won't go very fast on the grass... ;]
    And they're rock-hard structure seems to be a bug.
  3. In real life, they would shatter into a millions pieces but this game is very loosely based on real life F1. I think it was done this way to discourage corner cutting , but it still sux.
  4. No thats the problem. Those things were destroyed but now for some reason no more. But i dont know why.
  5. Did you find a solution as I'm getting the same thing. In Australia there are corner count down boards (in metres) which are right on the track attached to the wall. If you hit one of these you're out. If someone decides to push you in that direction you are out at a lose of -50 to -300xp. We need a fix.
  6. seems as if the signs and pylons being indestructable, is very inconsistant. I have seen people hit the one in Monaco, and get totaled and i have hit that same one, and had no issues... and ive seen the signs (especially in Malaysia) be hit by cars and be in pieces on the side of the track for the entire race, yet other places they are replaced every lap...

    very odd.
  7. Any damage mod that alters the immovable object part will make these bollards and styrofoam signs damage the car.

    Although there is at least one bollard (going in the hairpin at the main straight in Germany) that damages the car even without the damage modifier.
  8. taq


    I like this one pylon in Albert Park that always gets clipped and every lap some poor sod has to run and replace it.